Descent Into Hell

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278 Pages
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Author Biography

George Encizo is a retired banker and author of several novels including 2 awarding novels, The Farber Legacy and Baxter House. Encizo lives in Florida with his wife. Both enjoy gardening and a cup of coffee on the porch.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

Revenge is sweet, even if it takes a while, as the murderer knows in George Encizo’s thriller, Descent Into Hell. Sheriff J.D. Pickens comes under pressure when Tommy Benson and Rhonda Hicks are murdered in the small Creek City community. He and his deputies work tirelessly to solve the crime, but as they dig deeper into the investigation, it appears that the killer had vengeful motives against one of the victims. A woman hires a private investigator to find her secretary, but becomes the next victim. Pickens receives a threat that’s taken very seriously since it involves his family. Both his wife, the County Medical Examiner, and their young daughter, who speaks to animals, contribute important information that helps the case. The closer Pickens and his deputies come to solving the case, the more volatile the killer becomes.

Descent Into Hell is a riveting thriller by George Encizo. Having read the novel, I am more informed about the differences between a sociopath and a psychopath and think the killer was really unstable. It’s a very suspenseful story containing characters who were able to make themselves seen and heard throughout the plot with action and dialogue. It took some time for me to figure out who the killer was and I was surprised. Pickens is a devoted family man; he possesses humour, and takes his work seriously. George Encizo is an author who expressed himself wonderfully with fluent, descriptive writing. I like the cover illustration for the book, which I really enjoyed reading.