Featuring Dusty Rhodes, the K9 Kid and the Doberman who didn't like Doughnuts

Fiction - Short Story/Novela
184 Pages
Reviewed on 10/11/2023
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Author Biography

Gerry Burke received a Jesuit-inspired education at Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, where he still lives. Before commencing his long career in advertising, the author was employed by an international mining company, which included a three-year stint in New Guinea. He also dabbled in the horse-racing industry, as an owner and breeder, with some success. Being a former accountant and advertising creative, no one expected Gerry to become a published author, but he embraced this initiative to stave off dementia.
He has since penned six novels, seven volumes of short stories, and two offerings of commentary and opinion relating to politics, entertainment, sport and travel. The PEST pseudonym was subjected to a sea change with the introduction of popular discount detective Paddy Pest to booklovers everywhere.
Most people see the garrulous gumshoe from Down Under as a cross between James Bond and Maxwell Smart, and he has been the protagonist in a number of the author’s humour-laden publications. In recent times, there have been diversions into Science Fiction and absolute fiction, all of which have won enthusiastic acclaim.
Mr. Burke’s credentials have been well established, with twelve of his books featuring as a winner or finalist in a variety of international literary competitions. Three volumes have received multiple citations.
Gerry is single and lives with photographs of his best racehorses.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Dogmatic by Gerry Burke is an entertaining collection of satirical short stories featuring dogs in prominent roles. A small town crook of a mayor tries everything in his power to stop a heroic sheepdog from ascending to his seat with disastrous results. When two immigrant Sicilian brothers are put on trial for the murder of a man, a Shih Tzu dog becomes the key to solving the case. A struggling actor arrives at the small settlement of Stratford to form a Shakespearean drama group while trying his best to ingratiate himself with his new wife and her two Scottish Terriers. A Ukranian refugee arrives in London and soon becomes a dominatrix, only to unwittingly embroil herself in an espionage plot alongside her pet whippet. A sleepy Rottweiler finds himself floating on a flooded river and has the experience of a lifetime.

Gerry Burke offers readers an absorbing short story collection filled with dry humor and satire. No one is safe, and nothing is above being mocked as Burke refuses to pull his punches. He delivers a laugh-out-loud collection of short stories featuring a diverse breed of dogs, all of whom play vital roles in these tales. Dogmatic contains a potent mix of satire, absurdism, and dark comedy that you can't get enough of. The characters are intentionally over-the-top, and you'll easily become invested in their story arcs. Burke's witty dialogue and humor almost always hit the nail on the head while surprising you with some clever plot twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this anthology collection. If you're a dog owner or even a short story enthusiast in passing, this one is a must-read.