Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32

Children - Adventure
36 Pages
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Author Biography

B.C.R. Fegan is a multi-award-winning author who has written a number of fairy tales and fantasies for children and young adults. His previously published works include Titch the Itch, Henry and the Hidden Treasure, and The Grumpface. Fegan currently resides in Canberra, Australia.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Mr Nicholas Noo is the host of the magical hotel of Hoo in the storybook Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 by B.C.R. Fegan. He takes his first guests to room no 1 and tells them that they will be happy there. He tells them that they can explore the hotel and do whatever they want, but not to look behind door 32. There are two grumpy clowns through door number 2 and they are helping to clean the grounds. The fidgety knights through door number 3 fix all the lights. The guests meet different characters as they go through the rooms. Finally they reach room 32 and the two guests want to know what is behind the door, yet at the same time are scared. What is behind door 32? Let us read the book and see if we can find out the mystery behind door 32.

I like the way the author builds up the suspense and intrigue and leaves young readers with a feeling of curiosity. There is a sense of eeriness as the story progresses, and the colorful and lively illustrations add to the scary feeling that lingers as the story unfolds. Children will love this story. The eeriness, suspense, and mystery will leave them feeling excited and they will enjoy discovering what is behind the door, along with the two guests. The ending is excellent and unexpected. It is a good bedtime storybook for parents to read out at night and can be used for read aloud and story telling sessions in classrooms and school libraries.