Flirting with Darkness

Rage and Bloodthirst Series

Fiction - Supernatural
390 Pages
Reviewed on 06/11/2022
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Author Biography

Tyeshia Sturgis, aka T. L Sturgis, is an author born and raised in Kentucky. Her stories resonate with all readers through her fiery rhetoric, emotionally-charged prose, and insights into the human condition. Tyeshia has been writing professionally for over a decade and has no plans to slow down. She believes in stirring the creative world with more exciting and engaging books guaranteed to keep readers fueled for decades.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Miche Arendse for Readers' Favorite

Flirting with Darkness: Rage and Bloodthirst Series by T.L. Sturgis follows Amara, a beautiful woman who for the life of her could not pick out a good man even if one was handed to her on a platter. Through a string of complicated relationships and bad choices, Amara ends up getting attacked and turned into a vampire. Despite having her whole world turned upside down, she adapts to her new life and decides to make all those who hurt her pay. If only it were that easy.

Flirting with Darkness: Rage and Bloodthirst Series by T.L. Sturgis is such a brilliant story and has become one of my new favorite vampire novels. I love the unique vampire society and culture the author has created within this tale. It adds so much depth and character to the story as a whole, which coupled with a great cast of intriguing characters makes for such a great book. I enjoyed reading the different perspectives of the characters, especially Lou. He has a very dark and brooding feel, but he has so much more to him than that and it shows in his interaction with others, especially Victoria. Sturgis did such an amazing job with the characters in this story and you really can empathize with so many of them, especially Amara. I feel that I found a treasure in this book and I highly recommend it. I think the complexities and story would appeal to anyone as the book is so well written.