Flower Shields

A Four Horsemen Novel

Fiction - Fantasy - Urban
151 Pages
Reviewed on 10/20/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Flower Shields by C.A. King is the first book in the Four Horsemen series. After flunking out of college, Tara feels at a loss while her job search keeps turning up empty ... until the rain drives her into a family friend's flower shop. She's thrilled to be given a job with the flowers that have always made her feel at home until a woman comes in, asking for some key. She swears the woman's eyes changed to black, but that can't be possible. When a mysterious stranger shows up, looking for the same key, she has no other option but to turn to him for help. He insists he can be trusted, but can she trust someone claiming to be one of the four horsemen?

Michael has lived with his three siblings for centuries, so he's got an air of wisdom about him, but he's also reserved. He balances out Tara, who is still trying to find her purpose in life, and trying to find an identity away from her parents' funeral home. There's a twist that I honestly didn't expect, and it's done in a devastating and fun way. C.A. King creates a detailed mythology to the world that's tragic and beautiful, delivered with precise details and lots of humor. The magic adds lovely touches throughout, using flowers with a special quality in a truly unique way. A fresh twist on the four horsemen, Flower Shields is a fast-paced adventure, with a rich mythology and fun characters. An exciting read for any fantasy lover!