For Just a Little While

Fiction - Inspirational
298 Pages
Reviewed on 01/11/2016
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Author Biography

Nevada was called home at an early age. Where the sunsets take your breath away and the sunrises breathe life back in.

Following a lifelong passion to write. I choose stories that hopefully open the heart, cause one to question "what if', and wonder if there might be something more to life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

In a very sweet and lovely story, For Just a Little While by author Jess Fulton, readers will be treated to a read that will engage them from the very first page. Follow the story of Faith, who should have died on a cold and snowy night in November, but was given a second chance at life. She, along with her loving family members, is determined to share her miraculous experience and the reality of miracles amongst us. In a challenge to share this good news with a disbelieving public, Faith and her family are able to befriend a determined reporter who helps them on their quest. Will they be able to convince the world of their message? You'll need to read the book to find out!

I so enjoyed For Just a Little While. Author Jess Fulton has done a fantastic job in creating characters that her readers will relate to, connect with and care about. If that's not a sign of a great author, I'm not sure what is. The storyline is delightful, and holds a strong message of faith. Readers who enjoy a great work of fiction with a positive message of hope and redemption should absolutely read For Just a Little While. I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more from the very promising author, Jess Fulton, in the very near future. With talent like hers, she is unlikely to remain an undiscovered author for long!

Patricia Day

In For Just a Little While by Jess Fulton, Faith considered herself to be just an ordinary housewife. She loved her husband, Martin, and her children without reservation. The thought of not having them around was unbearable. When she is involved in a horrific crash, Faith suffers multiple injuries. She was not expected to recover. In fact, she died in the hospital and came close to losing her family forever. Miraculously, she awoke from her unconscious state with her life changed. She discovered she had been blessed with an extraordinary power: the ability to give healing to anyone she met. She did not know how she did this; she only knew that she did. Of course this new found gift came to the attention of the media. Renee Wheeler, a powerful television personality, became determined to undermine Faith’s claims. She felt Faith was a fraud. Hearing of amazing occurrences happening to folk that Faith met and touched were too incredulous for Renee to believe.

I loved this well written story. Charming, hopeful, a book to encourage and give hope. I read it so quickly but enjoyed every single chapter. This is a lovely story. Faith's charges at a local nursing home are adorable. You’ll meet Bernie and Pops, Big Saul and Gladys among others. They are among a host of folks who benefit from meeting Faith. To tell more would spoil the book for readers; however, I will say that it is an imaginative, delightful and beautifully written tale that will have you wanting to meet Faith too. Highly recommended.