Forever After

Vampire Reality Show Book 1

Romance - Paranormal
294 Pages
Reviewed on 04/13/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Ammaarah Seboa for Readers' Favorite

Forever After: Vampire Reality Show Book 1 is the first in Ashley R. King’s new series. The book focuses on Duke Oliver Gray, a recently awakened vampire, and Autumn Reid, a human and small-town librarian who signed up to be a contestant on the vampire bachelor show Forever After. The two had a rough first encounter, but since then Oliver can’t seem to get her out of his mind. In the days that follow, Autumn finds herself in competition with other contestants to win Oliver’s affection and eventual immortality. While on their mission for love, some contestants end up dead and others are faced with a killer who lurks in their midst.

Ashley R. King knows how to write a slow-burn romance, and Forever After is evidence of that. I liked the way she kept to the more traditional aspects of vampires - no reflection, a severe allergy to the sun, they can transform into bats, and we can’t forget about their strict liquid diet. I loved the reference to a certain Salvatore brother, who seemed to be a baseline for some of the contestants. The plot flowed smoothly and the characters were well-developed. While each had flaws, that made the book a little more realistic. Autumn needed a change of scenery and Oliver was trying to save his home. Like the other participants, they each had their reasons for joining the show. Despite their differences, the sexual tension between Autumn and Oliver is off the charts! Dear readers, I hope you’re ready.