Found Again

A life of abuse and a dream have Hilda uncovering past lives

Romance - Paranormal
216 Pages
Reviewed on 05/22/2017
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Author Biography

Jim Murdoch, born in Northern Ireland, has had a technical career in electronics and computer programming and network maintenance. He studied theology and later went on to explore the depths of universal consciousness. Always an avid reader, Jim has enjoyed fiction, fantasy and adventure along with self-help and mysticism. His interests are ancient history, the mind and consciousness and modern technology.
"Found Again" was inspired by the many women who face abuse and in particular those brave enough to step away and start anew. It is my hope that this fictional story will inspire many more to seek there true identity.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

Found Again by Jim Murdoch is a beautiful romance mixed with the paranormal. Hilda has just had a very clear and vivid dream, a dream that speaks to her in a particular way. It’s a dream about Queen Hilde, and it awakens her curiosity. Now she wants to find out what it’s telling her and she wonders if it could have a connection to her past abusive life. In her search for answers, she encounters an archaeologist, Arthur, and the spark between them ignites immediately. Could he be the Arturio from her dream? Hilda is a woman caught between unusual dreams that reveal disturbing scenes from a past life, and a romance that is nascent and powerful. But when her past life catches up with her, she must make the choice to fight for what she wants or be led by the whims of others. Her choice will cause her great pain, only she doesn’t know it.

I don't like stories that start with a dream, but it was good that the author featured the dream at the beginning of the story as a prologue, indicating it in the title. I also noted that the dream fitted perfectly into the plot and that it was necessary to be where it is. I must state that I really enjoyed the originality of this story, the complex plot and the depth of character. A disturbed woman in love can be a thrilling idea. The suspense is biting as the reader watches the protagonist, hoping that she will gain some freedom from her past. Jim Murdoch creates a pervading sense that something awful could happen any time and this feeling accompanies the reader throughout the story, making it a compulsive read. Found Again is well-written and readers will love the psychological depth of the story.