Golden Reich

Nazi Gold is Covertly Shipped to America. Based on Actual Events.

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
530 Pages
Reviewed on 03/12/2022
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Author Biography

Inspiration for Golden Reich:

While the book was written before January 6, 2020, I think that what we saw that day—and since—makes most of us realize that a 4th Reich is not as far-fetched an idea as it was 20 years ago.

It is no longer an idle threat in our country. We should all beware. Be careful with our democracy. It’s not unbreakable.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

Golden Reich: Nazi Gold is Covertly Shipped to America by Mark Donahue is a speculative fiction novel that the author states is based on actual events. The book follows multiple point-of-view characters in alternating roles and capacities. The central plot revolves around the transfer of wealth by the Nazis at the nadir of their power. The Third Reich moves gold amassed by the subjugation and massacre of millions to preserve what they hope the future may hold beyond their military loss: a Fourth Reich in the United States. A Nazi named Rolle has been tasked with the job. Lester, a man whose path is crossed unwittingly by Rolle and his entourage, is more than ready for a one-man coup d'état, and two felons turn out to have a far higher moral code than many who have never been to prison, round out a primary cast of characters, supported by ancillary characters who all play a role whether they intended to or not.

Golden Reich has moments when its prose shines blindingly bright, such as when author Mark Donahue describes a pivotal shift in the story by writing, “Loosening the ropes that surrounded the load, he pulled back the tarp, lifted the top off the wooden crate, and saw the blood of a country.” The story begins strongly and the who's who is established pretty rapidly. Scenes are well described and getting into the plot does happen organically. The pacing is steady throughout and, for its length, I got through it in a single day. There are a few areas where tropes are employed and while the aforementioned moments of brilliance do arise, the writing could use some polishing on the rest. That said, those who enjoy historical fiction that dances between then and now, as well as those who are game for a good ol' fashioned armchair adventure will find what they are looking for with Donahue's Golden Reich. Recommended.