How God Answered Us All

Spiritual, Paranormal & the Unknown

Christian - Non-Fiction
258 Pages
Reviewed on 08/01/2019
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers' Favorite

How God Answered Us All: Spiritual, Paranormal & the Unknown by Ruth Walker is a transformative non-fiction Christian book. The work places its basis on biblical themes and messages and makes a case for the existence of a spiritual realm that science has not been able to explain yet. In the book, Walker recounts her childhood memories that included paranormal activities in her life. While some were frightening, others revealed to her the existence of a power beyond herself that was looking out for her. In the work, aspects of daily lives are challenged such as time while questions like what lies beyond space are explored. The work claims the existence of supernatural events as proof of the existence of God and of a world beyond the physical one we know.

How God Answered Us All by Ruth Walker is adeptly written. While it remains personal and reads like a memoir, the arguments included are presented in a scholarly form. The discussions provoke thought regarding the topics and suggestions presented in the work. The book does not impose the author’s point of view; rather, it guides and shows proof of the reality of spirituality through discussions that are organized in a step by step process. The anecdotes included are intriguing and riveting and they support the information in the book. Where the personal experiences appear, the author uses words effectively to explain scenarios including what the main character felt during the moments. How God Answered Us All offers a lot for readers to think about. It is well-written and encouraging in many ways.

Lesley Jones

Paralyzed from the waist down following a car accident and then recovery as a young child, the author takes us on an incredible journey of self-awareness through her own life experiences in How God Answered Us All by Ruth Walker. Ruth shares her many encounters with the paranormal from childhood to adulthood and presents a fresh perspective on the meaning behind them. How can we develop and grow through seemingly tragic events? By following her unique insights, you will begin to understand where true empowerment lies; not from the physically seen but only from the eternal unseen. What exactly is fear, where does it stem from and how can you truly overcome it? What happens when we fall asleep and dream? Why are we here on earth, is it just an accident or a planned experience that we chose? In a world where what we once held firm is constantly being disproved by new scientific discoveries, then shouldn't we question everything?

If you are the type of person that has an inquisitive mind about life, the paranormal, or the unexplained, then this impeccably written book is a definite for your bookshelf. There is so much subject matter covered through the life experiences of the author, and questions that will spark your imagination. You will learn that nothing is known 100% and why we must open our minds to new, exciting possibilities; that there is far more than humanity and the Earth. The discussion into Universal Law really interested me, because things we deem paranormal and strange are far more than mere hallucinations. Just because something seems unbelievable, with scientific research constantly making new discoveries, nothing should be dismissed. I totally agreed with the analysis of what 'luck' is and the passages of the Bible are truly relevant to the points made throughout. There are so many questions and topics of conversations raised throughout that you will never just accept anything at face value again but learn to open your mind to any possibility, however strange.

Grant Leishman

Author Ruth Walker brings us a fascinating insight into the seen and the unseen, the temporal and the spiritual in her autobiographical account of the supernatural in her own life, with How God Answered Us All: Spiritual, Paranormal and the Unknown. Now on the cusp of turning 60, Ruth takes the opportunity to look back and document the many strange, inexplicable and deeply spiritual things that occurred over the course of her life. Many of these occurrences are odd, strange, and some might even say unbelievable with many of them relayed through the eyes of a young child from a vantage point far removed from the events. The author also takes the opportunity to impart pearls of philosophical wisdom about life, death, the unknown and her own deep faith in an entity that is not that as espoused by the churches of the world, which are seen in her eyes as a construct of man, not spirit. What Walker attempts most of all to do, I believe, is to open up our thought processes, to make us look around and realize that what we see, touch and feel may in fact be just an infinitesimal glimpse at what the Universe contains.

One of the things that struck me the most about Ruth Walker’s work was that she approached the task of detailing her experiences, which many people will scoff at as being a hallucination or a young child’s overactive imagination, from a very logical, clinical, and detached perspective. This lent so much more weight to her narrative than might otherwise have been achieved. She never once seemed intensely proud or arrogant over her “gifts” but rather matter of fact and intent on understanding. One phrase kept recurring in my mind as I read: “We know what we know and we even know some of what we don’t know but how much more is there that we don’t even know we don’t know?” To me, this was the essence of the book – to make the reader question everything we think we know about the Universe and life. Ruth asks us to look at humanity and its understanding of its place in the Universe as a continuum along which we have traveled very little thus far and still have a long, long way to go. I loved her explanation as to why “only the good die young” – they have already done what they were sent here to do (what a cool thought). I can highly recommend this book to anyone with an enquiring and open mind. There is so much solid meat to get one’s teeth into that a short review like this cannot do the book justice. Read it and find out.

Liz Konkel

How God Answered Us All: Spiritual, Paranormal, and the Unknown by Ruth Walker explores stories of personal struggles for Walker that begins with her as an infant when a train hit their car and left her paralyzed for a year of her life. She defied the odds against her and went on to start a family. This moment impacted her entire life. Walker delves into her brushes with death and her experiences dealing with spiritual energies of the paranormal and the unknown. How God Answered Us All explores the love of God which is seen all around and how no one is left behind.

Ruth Walker uses personal stories to share a spiritual journey which starts with her earliest experiences. She opens up about the struggles she's overcome in her life and the miracle of how she overcame being paralyzed as an infant. The car accident is a moment that can be felt throughout the entire book as a presence hovering around every experience she has. Walker shares every experience with a sincere honesty straight from the heart and this openness allows you to form a connection with her. She's completely honest about a tough moment as a new mother, open about the relationship with her own mother, and explores other highs and lows of her life.

Walker's personal experiences are woven with various experiences with the paranormal and how the unknown influenced her journey with God. The experiences range from a mysterious sonic boom and phantom footsteps to both ominous and calming presences. Some of these occurrences give off an unsettling sense while others offer comfort which is seen through the warm presence of a kitty. Several themes are touched upon throughout with Walker exploring thoughts on forgiveness, fear, mistakes, and being human, which balance out with the spiritual message aimed at love. How God Answered Us All is a poignant read with heart and thought-provoking concepts that will open your mind to love and a spiritual understanding to help you deepen a connection to God.

Mamta Madhavan

How God Answered Us All: Spiritual, Paranormal, & the Unknown by Ruth Walker is an inspirational and uplifting book that speaks about the author's extraordinary experiences and initiated insights that took her to another realm; beyond where the normal set of perceptions would not travel. The book will make readers aware of how everyone is connected beyond their awareness and how self-awareness still exists even after the physical body ceases to exist. Her spiritual and paranormal experiences reveal the unknowns that exist in spirituality and the beyond, and how God can turn around the negative to create a benefit or a blessing out of anything. She focuses on how they steered, altered, and saved her life.

The book is profound and insightful and will make readers contemplate the presence of a higher force and how it can be nurtured as the soul grows. The author's dreams are mystical experiences and her firm belief in God is motivating for all those who tend to doubt the presence of God when they go through bad times. Everyone is connected to divinity and the time given on Earth is a tool for schooling. The author's true experiences and stories are interesting and will enable readers to form a connection with her words and will give them clarity about God's role and presence in their daily lives. Reading the book will help many to decipher God's presence in many places and moments when it is unexpected, which is usually referred to as a godsend.