How My Husband Keeps Me Happy

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy

Sercets to a Low Maintenance Marriage

Non-Fiction - Relationships
208 Pages
Reviewed on 05/05/2017
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Author Biography

Karen Gordon
After her divorce, Karen became a single mom in her thirties. At that age, Karen felt that she was more likely to be struck by lightning than find a single man. But she knew that out there, somewhere, there was a great man who she would be compatible with. Karen just had to find him, and so the search was on. It took four years of searching, but Karen did not give up hope. Karen met Evan on an online dating site, and they have been together ever since. After ten years together, people still ask Karen about her relationship with her husband, Evan. People seem to be intrigued and entertained by the things they do for each other, and the fact that they met online. This started Karen thinking of writing about their relationship.

Evan Myshrall
Evan is a former licensed auto mechanic and has worked as an operations supervisor for the last twenty years. Evan also was a Disc Jockey for over twelve years, and he retired that scene in June of 1999. Evan enjoys entertaining or, should we say, being the entertainment. Evan has always wanted to be able to play a musical instrument and has recently started to play a chromatic harmonica. Another passion for Evan is cooking, and creating a dish simply from just what is sitting in the cupboard, or by using leftovers from the refrigerator to invent a tasty meal.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ashley Tetzlaff for Readers' Favorite

Karen Gordon and her husband, Evan Myshrall, know what the pain of divorce is like. But they also know that a second chance of happiness is possible. In How my Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage, they share their secret to a fulfilling and happy marriage. Whether you are starting again (like they did) or trying to boost a struggling marriage or about to start for the first time, Karen and Evan have something for you! Each chapter focuses on something, like “Listen (And Prove It)” or “Make Each Other Laugh”; Karen and Evan talk about that topic from personal experience as a couple and individually, as well as give general tips; then the chapter ends with “Rating” (on a scale of 1-10, how good are you or your partner at the concept presented in the chapter?), a “Question” (What/how could you do better at this concept?), and “Making this work” (ideas for how to incorporate the concept into your life).

Although my husband and I have a great marriage, I love to read marriage guidance books to see if there is anything else I can learn. Reading Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall’s story in How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage was actually quite encouraging. Their second marriage is a lot like our first marriage: both partners are committed to loving and supporting each other, and open conversation about pretty much everything. Karen and Evan’s style is so easy to read. Their anecdotes are encouraging and fun. How My Husband Keeps Me Happy is a great book to tuck into a bride-to-be’s bridal shower gifts. And for those who have gone through a divorce, I’m sure the book can be an encouragement for the future. Some of the ideas can even be incorporated (on a less intimate level) with others as a way to be a very good friend. This is one of those “unforgettable books” that you wish you could buy in bulk and hand out to other people. Loved it!

Vernita Naylor

In this microwave era, it is difficult for marriages to last. One reason is because people marry for the wrong reasons, like for looks, yet later they discover that they have nothing in common. Another reason is that people do not wish to put in the hard work that it takes to keep the marriage alive. Come join, laugh and learn from Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall as they tell you in How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage how their marriage became a success. How My Husband Keeps Me Happy is a personal account of the efforts that Karen and Evan took from dating to being married for over ten years in building not only a happy but strong marital foundation. Remember, marriage is two imperfect people coming together to form a union, for both a purpose and a cause. According to Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall in How My Husband Keeps Me Happy, there are three key ingredients for marital bliss and success: Listen, Act and Invest.

I appreciated the candor, humor and transparency of their relationship that was expressed by Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall. In How My Husband Keeps Me Happy, seeing the sacrifices and the tests that they went through as individuals and collectively was revealing of their commitment. Reading How My Husband Keeps Me Happy was great because of the way it was written - as if you are on the couch with Karen and Evan as they individually answered questions about their marriage. Those three key points of Listen, Act and Invest that Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall mention struck me in such a profound way. They are such simple tasks yet people have a difficult time performing these acts. In How My Husband Keeps Me Happy, you will learn not only their process, which was funny, but also get a glimpse on their Facebook page of some examples of the quizzes that they took to further determine their compatibility.

Gisela Dixon

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage by Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall is a non-fiction book about a couple’s tips and tricks to make relationships last and, not only that, but for them to be happy and fulfilling. This is Evan and Karen’s second marriage: they met online for the first time several years ago and have found ways to still keep their marriage strong and fresh, and just as loving today as it was when they were dating. From their experience with what works, they have written this book jointly and cover many topics in detail, with examples such as paying attention to your partner and truly listening to their needs, letting them and the world know how much you care about them, making them feel special by doing little things on a daily basis, the importance of communication and laughter, bonding over shared interests, among others. Each chapter contains examples of this and at the end of each chapter are a few questions and a brief summary of things to keep in mind.

I thought How My Husband Keeps Me Happy is a simple, yet effective book on love and marriage. Although the title implies this is a guide for husbands, the book is truly a joint effort and the tips apply to both men and women. Evan and Karen both come across as fun loving and playful individuals and, of course, every couple and every relationship is different. But the tips outlined in this book, such as good communication and the art of listening, are integral in any relationship. I thought the writing was casual and easy to read, and the book is organized in such a way that it can be read in any order. Couples with relationship problems may benefit from this book.

Ruffina Oserio

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage by Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall is a relationship guide for couples of all ages, a book packed with insight, advice, and ideas that will help couples bring more life, joy, and happiness into their relationship and make it last. What is most interesting about the book is that it is written by a couple that lays bare the secrets of their success in marriage. In these pages, they lead readers on a step-by-step journey to harnessing the power of love, highlighting the importance of communication, the place of self-care, the need to communicate our love with words and symbolic gestures, the science of intimacy, recapturing the initial ardor, and a lot more. Many marriages crumble today because couples take their love for granted. It is as if once we accept each other, and proclaim our love for each other, we have arrived at a destination. We ease up. We act like the love will always be there. Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall show that love isn’t a point of arrival but an adventure, a journey we take and a work we have to do, and that we have to be continuously investing in the relationship if we want it to grow and reach new levels of intimacy.

This book will show readers how to invest in the love they have received and how to bring out the best in their partner. This book is packed with ideas, exercises, and questions that will help anyone become creative in giving and receiving love. I liked the ideas that answer the question: “What are some ways you could recapture how you felt about each other when you first got together?” How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage is written in a simple, conversational style, and readers will enjoy the take of the couple on each subject. This book is a special gift to couples from one that has seized the opportunity to give meaning and life to their own relationship.

Jack Magnus

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage is a non-fiction inspirational guide to building healthy relationships, written by Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall. Karen and Evan had both been married before, and they each had a son by that prior marriage. When they set out to find new relationships, they both took a chance with eHarmony. Online dating had seemed fraught with misadventure, and the bar scene was not at all the venue either of them had considered as the place to meet their special someone. eHarmony’s profile questionnaire helped them get past the compatibility issues and go from that first tentative email through to their first meeting and eventual marriage. In this Guide, they share their initial experiences as well as the things they do each day to make sure their partner is happy and fulfilled. Each chapter explores a subject seen through both Karen’s and Evan’s eyes, and then the reader is invited to participate interactively in a series of rating questions and suggestions for how to apply skills learned in that chapter to keeping his/her own spouse happy

Karen Gordon and Evan Myshrall’s non-fiction inspirational guide to building healthy relationships, How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage, is an entertaining and enlightening resource designed to help readers and their spouses get past the snags, misconceptions and pitfalls that can sabotage relationships. I liked how each of them expressed their takes on issues and began to feel as though I was getting to know them personally. Their writing style is smooth and conversational; making it seem like they’re in the room discussing their strategies and thoughts with the reader. The topics for thought that follow each chapter are marvelous and chock-full of easy behavioral tweaks that can make your spouse happy. Their conclusion gives a concise listing of the advice given in the book that’s handy for those who may want to revisit certain topics. The authors also maintain a helpful Facebook page filled with quizzes, ideas and stories for readers who want to explore further. How My Husband Keeps Me Happy: Secrets to a Low Maintenance Marriage is most highly recommended.

Ryan Smith

I found it a great read , I could not put it down. I recommend it anymore who is looking to put sparks back into their relationship.

Shirley Myshrall

Certainly a great read.! Enjoyed the 'chuckles' as well. Obviously, they have a Happy Marriage and wanted to 'share' it with others. Continued success to these two people.