I Am a Butterfly

I Am a Butterfly

A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes

Children - Non-Fiction
52 Pages
Reviewed on 08/13/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

I Am a Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes is a nonfiction educational picture book for children written by Sally Stone. The main character is a beautiful monarch butterfly, but she didn’t always look like she does now. At first, she was a tiny egg that was attached to a milkweed leaf. Then, she became a plain little caterpillar who ate milkweed leaves and gradually turned into a larger, yellow, white and black striped caterpillar. I Am a Butterfly follows the stages of development of a Monarch butterfly using full-color photographs, including ones that use a penny as comparison to help the reader visualize the size of Monarch eggs and growing caterpillars. Stone includes a factoid page filled with interesting information about the Monarch, its migration patterns and its dependency on the milkweed plant. She also provides a chart of the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle as well as a Monarch Resource page and useful tips on how to help Monarchs thrive in your area.

Sally Stone’s nonfiction educational picture book for children, I Am a Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes, is a fascinating look at the life cycle of a monarch butterfly. I loved the author’s photographs, especially those which gave me a sense of the sizes of the eggs and the developing caterpillars. Each picture is a gem, allowing the reader to see the light filtering through the butterfly’s wings and to clearly differentiate their legs, mouth-parts and antennae. This book is both educational and entertaining, and it got me enthused enough to seriously consider setting up my own Monarch butterfly habitat. I suspect that young readers will get as excited about butterflies as I did after reading this informative and well-presented book. The vocabulary is perfect for new readers to work through, and I Am a Butterfly is also a great selection for story time. It even gives advice on how to get butterflies to land on your clothing! I Am a Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes is most highly recommended.