I Will Breathe

Fiction - Science Fiction
76 Pages
Reviewed on 02/07/2015
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Author Biography

Regina Puckett is an award nominated author for her short story, Balloon Wishes.

Concealed in My Heart is a Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner.

Claimed by Sin is nominated for 2014 Ellora's Cave Golden Ankh award.

Concealed in My Heart won runner-up in the international 2014 MARSocial Author of the Year Competition.

Borrowed Wings, has received the Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval and a 5 star review from Readers' Favorite.

Memories won first place in the 1st WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her book of poetry, Tilting at Windmills and Words.

Slowly Drowning won second place in the 3rd WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her poetry book, My Words into the Beyond.

Sir Galahad Comes to the Rescue won third place in the 3rd WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her book of poetry, Ramblings and Dreams.

Her collection of poetry, Fireflies, won 2013 Turning Pages Poetry Book of the Year.

Her sweet romance, Songs that I Whisper, received a 5 star review from Readers' Favorite.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite-a 5 star review.

She writes sweet romances, horror, inspirational, picture books, steampunk and poetry. There are several projects in various stages of completion and there are always characters and stories waiting for their chance to finally get out of her head and onto paper.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in eight hundred years time? Have you wondered what humanity would be like after an Armageddon or apocalyptic disaster? Would the human race even exist? And what in what manner would those surviving humans thrive?

Liberty has never had to wonder about these things. She was born into a world struggling for survival eight hundred years after such a great war that destroyed all of civilization. She was adopted by a trader who flew to various isolated outcrops of humanity, trading goods as a means of survival. Only now her adopted father has passed away, leaving Liberty alone in the world to continue operating his airship. Liberty isn't left alone for long. She is soon partnered with a robot named Boy, who invites another trader on board the airship: Mender and his robot, Robbie. They team up and do some trading together, venturing into the dangerous territory of the mountain men who are cannibals. That's when a dirty young boy sneaks on board and, after a good scrubbing, reveals himself to be none other than Liberty's brother, Justice, whom she never knew existed. Through Justice, Liberty learns about her past. Through Boy, who has stored in his memory the history of the planet, she learns about the past. But through Mender, she learns what her future and the future of humanity really can be and one doesn't need to know all the details of the past in order to survive and thrive.

In I Will Breathe, Regina Puckett has written a story that reveals a futuristic look at life on a planet ravaged by war. As the main character, Liberty, struggles to survive and continue with the trading life that she learned from her adopted father, the possibility of a civilized human race once again existing evolves. The entire story makes you really think about 'what if?'. And it makes the reader hopeful that all will not be lost in the future. An interesting read.


This is a great book.