Islamic State


Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
346 Pages
Reviewed on 08/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Islamic State: England by John Morris is a political thriller with a gripping plot fueled by a unique idea. ISIL is about to turn England into a Caliphate and it seems their plan has been well-thought out, it is thorough and very efficient. It starts with the discovery of the body of one of the top undercover agents working for Syria. The body is found in Norfolk and, while investigating the case, MI6 agent Dan Glover discovers that ISIL has been landing passenger jets at a British unregistered airfield, bringing in cargo, civilians, and militia. The number of people streaming in is estimated at 2000 per day. But this is just the beginning of his discoveries and England is about to face a problem it never envisioned in all of its history — it is about to be turned into a Caliphate. Now, there are SCUD missiles pointed at London and Dan has to get the resources needed to stop the attack. The only problem is that time is swiftly running out.

This story is so well-plotted that readers will find themselves turning the pages nonstop. It is also a very relevant story, one that takes a look at the reality of religious fanaticism and terrorism in contemporary European society. John Morris’ work reminded me of the recent terrorist attacks in London and it is strange that they happened after this book was written. The setting comes out clearly through the engaging narrative, with vivid images that will intrigue readers, and political facts that are as compelling as they are mind-blowing. This is a story with a powerful plot — wonderful twists and unexpected surprises. Islamic State: England will quicken your pulse and have you racing through the pages to discover what happens and who wins at the end. Brilliantly imagined and wonderfully executed.