J.P.P. McLeggins & the Buggin' Out World

Fiction - Fantasy - General
184 Pages
Reviewed on 07/27/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

J.P.P. McLeggins & the Buggin' Out World by Matthew Jefferies Kozak is an interesting tale that takes the reader into the Bug World, following the life and adventures of a simple spider girl called J.P.P. McLeggins. Working part time at the Spiderware store — a place for all insect home remedy and DIY-bug projects — all that McLeggins cares about is successfully going through the stages of her growth, but everything changes when she comes back home to discover that there has been a break-in at their house and that her father has been kidnapped. The list of suspects could be long, including the Terrorpest Golen Adams, the golden larvae, or any other enemy, but she must find her father. Things get even more complicated when she learns that the only person who could assist her or give good advice, Whitey, the homeless Praying Mantis, is also missing. Read on to discover her adventures with Eric, the robber fly, as they travel the entire BugKind in search of answers, her father and her friend, and solutions to the problems facing her world. Can she succeed in this challenging mission and will she still be the same after the experience?

This is an interesting story that will appeal to young adult readers, children, and adults who haven’t lost touch with the child they once were. The story showcases the author’s creativity and sense of humor brilliantly. It is interesting to notice the neologisms, the quirkiness in the descriptions, and the powerful use of literary elements. One perfect example would be the startling contrast the reader notices with the description of the protagonist's eyes as big, curious and full of light that sometimes reflected in the moonlight. Readers learn that "Her eyes and heart were happy and full of love for all bugs …but also tinted and sown within those eyes … were some hidden and unspoken sadness she didn’t like to show or talk with other bugs about.” The writing is great, and J.P.P. McLeggins & the Buggin' Out World is perfect for young readers, with a strong plot and characters that are fun to watch.