Journey On

Journey On

Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You

Non-Fiction - Self Help
79 Pages
Reviewed on 09/07/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Journey On: Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You is a nonfiction autobiographical self-help book written by Debbie R. Smith. Smith is a young adult, new adult and women’s mentor and coach, as well as a parent, and she shares the benefits of her life experiences and her own journey with readers. That journey has not been without its challenges and missteps. Smith came from a dysfunctional family background and was living independently at an early age. She began a family with her then-husband when she was barely out of high school, and has, in her words, had a nest that was “full more than half of my life.” She was able to start making changes when she began to realize that, while she was helpful and supportive of her children and others, she had somehow accepted that she should not, for some reason, have her own opportunities, dreams and future. Newly married, she now sees her future as an exciting place and seeks to share that sense of acceptance, forgiveness, grace and optimism with others. She includes a number of discussion questions at the conclusion of selected chapters to help readers grapple with their own issues, challenge their assumptions, and start their own journeys.

Journey On: Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You is an engaging and enjoyable guide to optimizing your life and making the most of your own personal journey. I enjoyed getting to know the author through her discussions of her past life. I also appreciate how she views having her children now grown as not being an empty nest but, rather, a launching pad for new adventures, opportunities and spiritual growth. Her discussion questions help to anchor the information given in each chapter and are both thought-provoking and conducive to personal growth. I was especially moved by her chapters Grace and Laced Up, and feel that they have a universal appeal. Smith’s voice is strong and clear throughout this inspiring work, and her conversational style of writing makes you feel as if she’s there in the room with you. Journey On: Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You is most highly recommended.