Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper's Junction

Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper's Junction

A Hunted Tribe Prequel - Book 1

Young Adult - Horror
250 Pages
Reviewed on 08/21/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper's Junction by Roma Gray is a Prequel to A Hunted Tribe. Karl is one of the best gunslingers the old West has ever seen, a hired assassin now retired. But he’s bored, something is missing. One chance meeting changes his life around – just one more job. This time he is going to hunt the Grishla, a dinosaur animal spirit, so he brings together the best murderous criminals and assassins in the world. Only five will join the hunting party so Karl pits them against one another in a fight to the finish to see who will succeed. Ketwan has escaped from his tribe and taken Varadisa with him. They try to make a new life for themselves, but there is too much standing in their way. Can Karl’s hunting party succeed against the Grishla? Will Ketwan and Varadisa ever get the life they deserve?

Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper’s Junction (A Hunted Tribe Prequel Book 1) by Roma Gray was interesting to say the least. It’s a kind of Westworld meets Jurassic Park with a bit from every assassin story ever told thrown in for good measure. To be fair, I couldn’t put this down; once I got going, I was in it to the end. I have not read The Hunted Tribe, but I will now, just to see where the story goes. This is a cleverly written book with a unique plot. Ms. Gray has an incredible sense of adventure and a very imaginative mind, and this comes through in a story that is gripping. The characters are very well developed and fit in with this fun read very well. And it is fun; I don’t think anyone who reads it would disagree. Ms. Gray is a very talented writer and I left this story wanting more – a lot more!