Legacy Redeemed

Legacy Redeemed

Redeemed, Restored, Reclaimed Book 1

Christian - Romance - General
274 Pages
Reviewed on 03/31/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite

Although Hector was not her favorite person, Susannah was forced to depend upon her guardian to assure her a secure future, as he had for her sisters. But Hector obviously had other plans for Susannah. Plans of which she wanted no part. It had to be one big misunderstanding, and Susannah realized that her fate rested in the resurrection of affections from Mr. Julian Weatherly, after her future husband devastates her by reneging on their wedding plans. Attending the Weston masquerade ball unescorted might be a risky plan, but she had to convince Julian that they were meant to be together. Little did she know that her true Prince Charming was lurking in the shadows, assessing the cruel methods of his cousin, Mr. Weatherly. Who was the beauty Julian so hurriedly threw off? Resigned to never knowing the answers to his questions, Nick Daventry is shocked to discover the same mysterious Cinderella visiting his dear friends a week later. By this time, Nick has unearthed some “truths” about Susannah that threaten to ruin any possibility of a healthy relationship. But, why does the professed fallen woman demand so much of his heart’s attention?

Legacy Redeemed by Aubrey Grayson is one of the most delightful stories this reviewer has read in a long while. Although advertised as a Christian romance, this novel goes beyond any such label. Susannah is a refreshing protagonist, flaunting her attributes without any sense of pretense. Nicholas Daventry represents the perfect gentleman in this timeless tale of conflict overcome. I cannot wait to read more from Aubrey Grayson.