Little Loose Ends

A Psychological Thriller

Fiction - Thriller - Psychological
261 Pages
Reviewed on 10/10/2022
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Author Biography

Little Loose Ends is my second novel, and I wrote it to complete my Hudson Valley Series. However, it's a stand-alone, and it has resonated with those who have or have not read Killer Motives.

As a world traveler, I love to include vivid settings in my novels. Originally from the New York City area, I live in Honolulu with my family but frequent the scenic Hudson Valley and New York City areas. I am also an accomplished historian and veteran educator with a doctorate in United States History. I've taught at top independent schools in Honolulu, Silicon Valley, and New York City for over twenty years, and I've taught history courses at Columbia University and the University of Hawaii.

I wrote it to be a page-turner, but I've also included contemporary themes relevant to today's readers.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lucinda E Clarke for Readers' Favorite

I’m not sure whether Little Loose Ends by Bonnie Traymore should more correctly be called Large Loose Ends. I had not read the first book in the series, but there was enough of a back story to explain how the saga continues with one of the characters terrifying both Victoria, the main protagonist, and her new acquaintance Jenna. There is a huge problem in dealing with the threat of violence when no actual crime has yet taken place, and it becomes a “he said/she said” situation. It is difficult to persuade the police to take you seriously, even though you are living in constant fear. It’s a scenario that might apply to any one of us and the tension, uncertainty, and fear can last - and destroy lives. Not only were the young women affected by this predator, but their friends and family as well. Woven into the narrative, Victoria sees her marriage disintegrate as she battles with her desire for revenge, setting up her new art gallery, and spending time with her young daughter and her suspicious husband.

Little Loose Ends by Bonnie Traymore is a great read. The story speeds along, taking the reader with it. I identified with the characters and cared about them, which is always a sign of a good book. I admired the way the author kept my attention from the first page, not by wild car chases and multiple murders but by the strong sense of threat looming over the two women who have been terrorized. At first, I wondered if they were overreacting, but as the story moved along, I appreciated the fear and anxiety that they were experiencing. Backed up by a supportive cast of close family and friendly police personnel, Victoria perseveres in her quest for justice, but then there is a surprising twist that I never saw coming. Highly recommended and well worth five stars.