Love in Two Acts

A Romance Novella

Romance - Historical
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 07/08/2017
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Author Biography

Ronnda Eileen Henry is originally from Michigan and was raised in California and Virginia.
She read a lot of history, biography, science fiction, and regency romances when she was young, and her favorite authors are Jane Austen and Aleksandra Layland.
Retired now, she lives in Florida.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers' Favorite

Love in Two Acts (A Romance Novella) by Ronnda Eileen Henry is a stunning romance story about a young woman named Marigold. Marigold and her friend and cousin, Princess Rozabela, are on their way to the kingdom of Selby for a royal wedding when their carriage is attacked by people from Tenby. The Tenbians demand that Princess Rozabela come with them to marry their prince. Marigold pretends to be her friend and goes with them, and ends up married to Prince Andro, and although she hated to admit it, she slowly finds herself falling in love. But no matter what, she must keep it to herself that she isn't the princess they wanted. But then her secret is found out. Will Marigold survive?

I really enjoyed reading Love in Two Acts (A Romance Novella) by Ronnda Eileen Henry. The book was very well written and very descriptive. The story is very exciting and has some funny parts. I was hooked by the first page, and I never wanted to put the book down. It is a real page turner that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The story had many scenes that made me gasp out loud. The characters are all very likeable, especially Marigold, because she is brave and kind. The book is thrilling from cover to cover, filled with suspense and excitement, with a very satisfying ending that readers will like. I would definitely recommend this romance read to everyone.

K.C. Finn

Love In Two Acts is a work of romance and historical fantasy fiction penned by author Ronnda Eileen Henry. In this clean romance suitable for all readers and romance fans, we find ourselves in another world where pseudo-historical social rules apply. The central character is Marigold, companion and dear close friend of the Princess Rozabela, who is due to shortly be married. But when the princess’s carriage is attacked and the Tenbians want to take away the princess for themselves, Marigold steps into the role to protect her friend. Posing as the princess, she finds herself the captive bride of a king’s son, but it’s only so long before the secrets start to unravel.

For a novella-length work, author Ronnda Eileen Henry packs a lot of action and quaint, delightful moments of narration into her story. The romance elements are cleanly written but also sparkling with tension and intensity, particularly as the plot moves on and Marigold gets to know her new surroundings better. As a central character, Marigold is written for the modern world, with rebellious sensibilities and a no-nonsense attitude that was refreshing and delightful to read. This adds a new dimension to the tale and to the proposed social hierarchy of the pseudo-historical setting, giving love and life a chance to thrive as it perhaps did not in real history. Overall, Love In Two Acts is an accomplished novella that delivers plenty of light and joy in its narration, but also excitement and intrigue, with a cast of characters you’re sure to fall deeply in love with.