Mail Order Groom

Mail Order Groom

Romance - Historical
282 Pages
Reviewed on 04/01/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

A historical romance, Mail Order Groom by Dana Wayne features great drama involving very compelling characters and a powerful conflict. Emma Marshall is the daughter of a rich and influential rancher; she is beautiful and strong-willed, determined to have her own way at a time when women didn’t enjoy that luxury. She stands to inherit her father’s ranch, but there is a problem: she is required to produce a husband within thirty days. Her father has placed ads for a groom for her and she doesn’t accept anyone who applies for the job. But then when Tyler Roundtree comes in to temporarily fill the position of foreman at the ranch, he is stunned at his new boss’s beauty. The fire between Emma and Tyler is inevitable, but can she keep it burning and can she transform it into an exciting experience?

Dana Wayne has created a gripping story and characters that can’t be ignored for a second. But what I enjoyed the most is the conflict the author brings into her story — a father bent on getting his daughter married, a daughter with a highly independent spirit, and an attractive young man in the game. The characters are very complex. For instance, Emma could be very beautiful and highly skilled in running the ranch, but she still has to make the journey of knowing how to handle her feelings for a man. It is interesting to watch how she grows throughout the story. The setting of this story is wonderful, accurately depicting a period when people married for mere convenience and when women had very little say, even in matters that directly affected their lives. The writing is stellar, punctuated with dialogues that are crafted to read naturally. Mail Order Groom is the perfect romance story that will tug at the emotions of readers and have them following the characters till the very end. A real page-turner!