Dictations through the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina (Masters of Wisdom) (Volume 9)

Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural
204 Pages
Reviewed on 07/17/2021
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Author Biography

Tatyana Mickushina is a Russian ​philosopher​, ​​writer, public figure, spiritual leader, and founder of spiritual Teaching, aimed at restoring morality in society.​
​From 2004 to the present, Tatyana has written over 70 books on spiritual, philosophical and moral topics.
​Her books have been translated into 20 languages, and published in 11 languages in Europe and the USA.

Tatyana was born in 1958 in Omsk, Russia. Her thoughts about God and the meaning of life were deeply affected by sports injury that led to a week-long period of dangling between life and death.

After graduating with honors from the Polytechnic University, Tatyana worked in space technology​.​ She kept interest in spiritual teachings and started practicing meditation.
Tatyana wrote her books through inspiration from almost 500 conversations with Teachers of Mankind. Her works received many reviews from public figures/scientists.

Her first book, Good and Evil: An individual interpretation of ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Helena P. Blavatsky (2004) gives an original interpretation of the “fall of angels” and “the rebellion of Lucifer”.
Tatyana's works also focus on non-violence.
One of her fundamental works is Words of Wisdom, published in 5 volumes.

After its first Congress in 2014, her “Morality Movement”, requested UN Secretary General and participating politicians to promote true moral/spiritual principles.
Tatyana gives seminars/interviews across Russia and Europe.

In 2017, she was awarded the Order of the Russian Land “for contribution to the spiritual and moral revival of Russia”.

She obtained 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite for Treasures of Divine Wisdom (2019), Sanat Kumara (2020), Maitreya (2021), Moyra Bronze Medal Winner(2022).

    Book Review

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

When a person finds a way to connect with the great masters of wisdom, the book she decides to write becomes much more interesting and complex than the one that is not written under their dictation. The task of the writer-messenger, in fact, becomes that of transcribing the words of the master and presenting them to the world. This is what Tatyana N. Mickushina does in her Masters of Wisdom series. Among the many volumes that she has already published, the present one, Maitreya, is dedicated to the future Buddha of this world. Here, Mickushina transcribed the messages she received from him between 2005 and 2013, offering readers the opportunity to reflect on their consciousness and broaden their views.

Recently, I have often reflected on the difficulty that Western society has in finding its consciousness. I also realized I have the same problem, so I am glad I found Maitreya. Tatyana N. Mickushina's book came at the right time for me and helped clear up some confusing thoughts I still had. In particular, I liked the part where the author (or rather, Maitreya) explains how, by becoming full of the feeling of Divine Love, we can reach a state of harmony and peace. I also liked the part dedicated to how to treat children, a subject very dear to my heart. I do not think it is enough to read Maitreya once. This is a book to read and reread, and after each reading, I invite you to meditate on it. I believe everyone will benefit from Mickushina's transcription of Maitreya's teachings.


The knowledge that changes your life forever.

Maria, Chicago, USA

All the books of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina are vital. This Knowledge came to Earth at the most critical time, when the evolution of the Planet deviated from the plan of God.
The book "Maitreya" opens for humanity the real meaning of the Path of Initiations, but everyone will follow this Path by himself.
I am firmly convinced that this Knowledge is capable of saving humanity!

Lord Maitreya's words from His recent Message are very clear and helpful!

"Now the time has come that we have warned about many times: the time of separation of the grains from the chaff. Not a single soul who has chosen the illusory world can move on to a new stage of the cosmic cycle. There comes a time when everything old, everything that based its existence on attachments to things, habits, addictions, and vices, will not be able to exist in the New Age.
It is a difficult time. That is why I have come to remind you once again of the basic tenets of Our Teaching that you need right now.

My era, the era of Maitreya is not far off. But before the new comes, the Earth must be cleansed of the old.

It is a difficult time. That is why I have come in order to support my devoted Bodhisattvas and affirm them in their service. Your time is coming."

Inga, London, UK

The book of Maitreya is an unusual book.
If you ask yourself a Question in your life? Why were you born on this planet? What is your purpose in life? Why are these things going on with you now?
The path of initiation is the accelerated path of evolution. Lord Maitreya in this book gives an understanding of this path, instructions and advice.
I'm sure you will find a lot of interest here in this book for yourself and what is meant for you.


It's worth reading this book especially during the time that we are passing through. It's an interesting book that draws your attention constantly. It reveals the truth and helps to navigate in life, also gives you inner strength and support. It's one of the books of the series of Tatyana N.Mickushina and I'd recommend them all!


It is so amazing to read the Messages from the next upcoming Buudha, who will come into incarnation when we are ready. I always have a feeling of a very subtle Love when reading Maitreya's Messages. My favorite Message is "You should treat your children as if I, Lord Maitreya, have come to you as a child". I think everyone should read it, especially young parents. It contains unique wisdom on treating little children. Also Teaching of the the Path of Initiations is very special to me, it helped me a lot in hard life situations. After reading Maitreya's Messages I hanged His picture on a visible place to remind me of His Divine Love, which I always feel from Him.


Lord Maitreya is the Buddha оf а New Аge, the Аgе of the Mother of the World. In this book, He carefully and lovingly, but very clearly, reveals the whole essence of the meaning of earthly life and the knowledge about the Path of Initiations.
He also gives instructions for freeing a person from the power of the lower ego and teaches us to establish a connection with the Higher Self.
I recommend this profound book for a people who are looking for guidance and answers at these challenging time.


The book Maitreya is a source of wisdom and knowledge that will answer many questions of a seeker. It focuses on the most important elements of this stage of the evolution of mankind: the necessity to change consciousness, liberation from ego, establishing a connection with the Higher Self…
One more important topic covered in the book is the knowledge about the Transition to the New Reality, which many expect as a miracle: “…There are people among you who are convinced that they will manage to live through some transition and to continue their life of ease in the New World.
They suppose that they can perform the transition to the new level of evolution without giving up their old energies and habits. You cannot be operated on for alteration of your DNA or for removal of your karma. You yourselves must show your ability for further evolution with your own achievements and your own efforts. And this ability is not measured by the number of books you have read, or seminars you have attended, or the number of Rosaries you have read and meditations you have practiced.
The level of your consciousness is determined by those Divine qualities that you acquire on your Path. It is impossible to play at Service, self-sacrifice, unselfishness, or Love.
You must master these qualities, and they must become inherent in you. It is exactly acquiring these qualities that enable you to alter the very structure of your DNA, the informational code that will allow you to exist in the world to come…”


In my life I have come across various information about Maitreya. When I opened this book, all the puzzles came together in one. It was a real find for me. I got a lot of answers. This is a completely unique book!!! Happy I found it.

For example made me think:
"...this information concerns the events of the so-called Transition that many people are waiting for and preparing themselves for. One should never take any prophecy or any upcoming disaster too seriously because many prophecies were uttered but did not come true, whereas other prophecies that were not uttered did come true. I recommend that you tune in to the present and catch every moment of your life as the one having value for centuries. In fact, nothing exists in the Divine world but eternal "now." And this "now" you create by your own consciousness. One should never pay too much attention to what has already happened or to what has not happened yet. Your mood in every moment of your life is the only thing that forms the future that is waiting for you. Therefore, focus on filling each moment of your life with joy, love, warmth, and happiness because you yourselves are the creators of your happiness, and you yourselves are the creators of your future."

Highly recommend and especially at this difficult time.

Clara Ibra, USA

From the very first page I was attracted by this book. It is written there.

Maitreya- a View into the Future.

Ancient prophecies of many people tell us about the coming of the “Golden Age”. The coming of this Age is associated with the arrival of the Messiah – a Savior who with His Knowledge of the Divine Laws will enlighten people and regain the lost justice on the Earth. This coming Savior is known to the world under different names: in India he is called Kalki Avatar, in China – Milè, in Japan – Miroku, in Lamaist mythology – Maidari, but the Name Maitreya is mentioned most often.

This is make sense.

While I was continuing to
reading I discovered a new vision for myself...
Highly recommend

Terrence Hernandez, Curaçao

The book "Maitreya" is one of the results of the remarkable ability of the author Tatyana N. Mickushina, to communicate with the Masters of Wisdom, also called the Ascended Masters. The book "Maitreya" is highly recommended reading for everyone who is looking for guidelines which direction to follow with their life and that of their loved ones, at this crucial moment in time.

A growing number of people, nowadays, are feeling intuitively that the most important decision they could make right now, is to turn back to God and to have God more explicitly present in their lives in order to deal with the increasingly challenging situations humanity is facing on a global scale. They want "more God, less me".

In this profound book, Lord Maitreya -the next Buddha- tells us that the shortest way Home, to God, is by following the Path of Initiations.

"This Path is inseparably connected with giving up your ego.
You are in a prison formed of limitations of your consciousness. Only you can destroy the walls of your prison.
I will give you a reliable guideline as to how no to stray from your path."


This is the third book I read from this author.
All books really raise consciousness and give answers to many questions.

This is my favorite book. It gave me faith and hope for a better life that will undoubtedly happen thanks to the Lord Maitreya.

Very grateful to you Tatiana Mukishina!

Nathan, USA

This book is like a breath of fresh air during this challenging time.
Noow, I am definitely convinced that everything is going according to the Divine plan. We are going through a transformational transition to a new reality, and Lord Maitreya is helps us a lot, every Soul.

For many centuries they hid information about Maytrea from us, but it's time to find out the truth

"There will be a day on planet Earth when entire planet waits with bated breath in anticipation of my arrival. That is the moment when I will come and I will be able to come into the incarmation. And you know that we and you are now preparing my forthcoming incarnation. For when the greater number of incarnated human individuals know me and follow my Teachings, the sooner that golden time will come when I will be able to be among people."

Ego is afraid, mind resists,
heart knows, I am feeling that.