Mighty McCords, The

Fiction - Action
448 Pages
Reviewed on 06/19/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

This exciting saga starts with the mighty Mike McCord.  When we first meet Mike he is an eight year old orphan in New York City.  Mike is bigger and stronger than other children his age.  He is an exceptional young man that others are drawn to.  His heart is as big as he is.  His new life starts when he is taken under the wing of the local blacksmith.  All that he learns during his time with the smithy enables him to fulfill his dream of owning a horse farm.  He moves to Kentucky where his adventures introduce him to a young Indian maiden, Little Dear. They soon fall in love and marry.  This marriage produces a son, Samson.

Samson, correctly named after Samson in the Bible, is even bigger than his dad.  The McCord legacy continues.  Sam experiences even more adventures than his dad and becomes a legend.  For many years he is a Texas Ranger along with his faithful companions, a wolf/dog named Caeser and a golden eagle named Talons.  They are known all over the country.  Sam retires to a hidden mountain valley where he finds true love.  The adventures of the Mighty BcCords continue in this place for generations to come.

I really liked this book.  Kenneth E. Morris did an excellent job of putting you right into that time period.  The transitions from life in New York, to Kentucky, to Arizona really showed how America was growing and changing then.  I did find that some of the conversations between the characters were a little hard to follow.  It was written in a way that some times you weren't sure who was saying what.  I loved that this story had a Christian base to it but I was shocked by the sexual explicitness.  I've never read a Christian book that was so descriptive of sex.  There is even a rape scene, so be aware of this before you read if you are offended by that.  Overall, I loved this book.  I look forward to reading more books by Kenneth E. Morris.

Mary L. Morris

I have read this book three times and each time it gets better with each reading. I would love to see it made into a movie. Even though my husband wrote this book, it is up there with Danielle Steel and Janet Dailey as far as I am concerned. Everyone that reads it says they love it, hope to see it made into a movie. Read the book and see for yourself.