Moon X

Fiction - Short Story/Novela
97 Pages
Reviewed on 01/19/2024
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

Moon X by John P. Warren begins in Rivers Town, where a man named Seth collapses on Main Street and is hospitalized. Concurrently, a new moon, Moon X, appears, prompting investigations by the FBI's paranormal branch. Agent Rick Sanchez is thrust into questions about Moon X's origin. The discovery of gravitational anomalies between Moon X and Earth's moon is a catastrophic threat. Amid worldwide panic, a plan to cloak Moon X is hatched while, back in Rivers Town, Rick seeks out details about Seth, whose condition was linked to severe radiation poisoning, but Seth has vanished into the fringes of society. A group that includes Rick and his girlfriend Sandra embarks on a journey toward Moon X, uncovering a plan more sinister than just the obliteration of humanity. As Moon X and Earth's moon teeter toward collision, Rick is forced into a near-impossible choice.

I'm always impressed when a writer can wrap up a massive storyline, complete with all the bells and whistles, into a relatively small package and still make it completely engrossing. In a testament to his skill as a writer, John P. Warren does exactly that in Moon X. The characters are all fully fleshed out, and Warren makes Rick's situation feel personal, particularly in how his past, his relationship with his deceased wife, and his evolving feelings toward Sandra come to light, which all come with emotional resonance. They also make the story's biggest twist even more shocking. Off Earth, Warren does an exceptional job in world-building and the integration of futuristic concepts such as cloning, advanced medical procedures, and genetic enhancements, allowing for the intersection of technology and biology in believable ways. With straightforward writing and an immersive narrative with whip-speed pacing, Moon X delivers classic science fiction that is sure to delight.

Tony Gordon

I read this book and I was captivated from the very beginning. This story pulled me in from the start.