Dictations through the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina (2005 ? 2015) (Masters of Wisdom) (Volume 1)

Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural
242 Pages
Reviewed on 09/06/2022
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Author Biography

Tatyana Mickushina is a Russian ​philosopher​, ​​writer, public figure, spiritual leader, and founder of spiritual Teaching, aimed at restoring morality in society.​
​From 2004 to the present, Tatyana has written over 70 books on spiritual, philosophical and moral topics.
​Her books have been translated into 20 languages, and published in 11 languages in Europe and the USA.

Tatyana was born in 1958 in Omsk, Russia. Her thoughts about God and the meaning of life were deeply affected by sports injury that led to a week-long period of dangling between life and death.

After graduating with honors from the Polytechnic University, Tatyana worked in space technology​.​ She kept interest in spiritual teachings and started practicing meditation.
Tatyana wrote her books through inspiration from almost 500 conversations with Teachers of Mankind. Her works received many reviews from public figures/scientists.

Her first book, Good and Evil: An individual interpretation of ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Helena P. Blavatsky (2004) gives an original interpretation of the “fall of angels” and “the rebellion of Lucifer”.
Tatyana's works also focus on non-violence.
One of her fundamental works is Words of Wisdom, published in 5 volumes.

After its first Congress in 2014, her “Morality Movement”, requested UN Secretary General and participating politicians to promote true moral/spiritual principles.
Tatyana gives seminars/interviews across Russia and Europe.

In 2017, she was awarded the Order of the Russian Land “for contribution to the spiritual and moral revival of Russia”.

She obtained 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite for Treasures of Divine Wisdom (2019), Sanat Kumara (2020), Maitreya (2021), Moyra Bronze Medal Winner(2022).

    Book Review

Reviewed by Leonard Smuts for Readers' Favorite

The Ascended Master El Morya (also known as El Moyra in some circles) is a highly evolved being who is no longer incarnated. He is nevertheless accessible to seekers of the truth through psychic mediums, notably the late Madame Helena Blavatsky, whose work was distributed worldwide through the Theosophical Society. More recently author Tatyana Mickushina has been assigned this role. In this second edition of Morya, she has presented channeled material dictated to her during the period 2005 to 2015. The teachings are timeless and relevant, but the instruction and advice have become more pressing due to the long-anticipated transition to the New Age - in whatever form that may manifest. In this case, Master Moyra speaks very directly about the state of the planet and the need for humankind to embrace higher consciousness. It is a strident call to action, directed at those souls incarnated at this time who aspire to assist in the transition. We live in a world of illusion, distracted by material possessions and the need to earn a living. Against that background, the responsibility of raising human consciousness falls to those few chelas (disciples or students) who find themselves on the planet and who agreed to serve. It is not an easy path and requires aspiration, constancy, and devotion. God’s plan must be followed and we hold the detail in our hearts. We are cautioned to use discernment and reject false prophets. The message is clear – the standards set are high.

Moyra comes at a significant time in the spiritual evolution of the planet. Tatyana Mickushina has captured the essence of the Master's messages in an authentic and relevant manner. Many of the lessons channeled echo those of other Masters, which adds further credibility. A common theme in all of the channeled material - not unique to Moyra - is criticism of the chelas, who have not reached the required level individually, nor have they raised the collective consciousness. This places the transition process at risk. These earthly volunteers are needed, as the Masters may not intervene directly from the higher realms. This places the onus of human spiritual evolution in the hands of a few. The gulf between the Masters at their higher levels and those stuck in third-dimensional reality on earth is wide. Master Moyra himself acknowledges the fact that at best he may have a few hundred committed disciples under his care. Much work remains to be done and a sense of frustration permeates the more recent sessions. As is often the case, no timelines are given, but the tone of the teachings point to an imminent shift - ready or not. There are some jarring notes in the messages, but these relate to the opinion of the Master and are in no way a reflection on the quality of the channeling. The message remains one of hope, but little external evidence of a quantum leap exists, given the dense energies on the planet.

Antony from CA

I was got acquainted with Master's Moria teaching trough the previously living Messengers. When I saw this book by currently living Messenger Tatyana Mikushina, I felt so much joy and happiness! When I first started reading it the goosebumps appeared, I felt that I would get answers to my questions and half a year had not passed since I was convinced of this. I received so much wisdom and knowledge as I had never seen before, this is a unique find. I thank the author for such an incredible work. My life became more clear, i feel that my consciousness expanded. I'm more then grateful for this book.


This book is like a guiding Light in the search for spiritual development! It provides answers to the core questions of life and makes it possible to determine the priority of humanity's tasks for the transitional period. I highly recommend it to all seekers of eternal values and spiritual Truth!

Terrence Hernandez

The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya is a very strict and loving Master.
He has been working with students of the Teaching of the Masters for many years. He is the Chohan of the First Ray (color blue) which represents the Will of God to which he renders absolute obedience. For those who are ready to follow the Will of God and change their consciousness, He promises to be a much more caring nurse than one would ever be able to find in the physical plane.
He has more students under his guidance than any of the other Ascended Masters.
Concentrating on His eyes while asking Him a question has led to many students receiving an answer to their questions. In the Dictations that he sent through the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina He unhesitantly encourages us to gather the strength to dominate our weaknesses and attachments.

Something very special about Him is His description of freedom
"The understanding of Freedom as total permissiveness and the absence of any restrictions is a distortion of the quality of the Divine Freedom inherent in the Ascended Hosts."
"The energetic barrier that exists between our worlds cannot admit to our world the individuals who have not subdued their consciousness to the Law governing in this universe."

Maria from Chicago

The book titled “Morya”, written by the writer, philosopher, public figure Tatyana Mickushina contains the precious Knowledge transmitted to Earth in our difficult time by the Great Teacher of mankind, the Beloved Ascended Master El Morya.

This is truly a Gift from Heaven and an outstretched helping hand!

The book reveals the inner paths to knowledge and fulfillment of one's mission, of one's destiny.

For sincere seekers of truth, this is both a compass and a map!

“You have come into embodiment, and each of you have come into embodiment with a certain mission. And you know what you are to do.

All the miracles and all treasures of the world are hidden in the depth of your hearts. When you can light the torch in your heart with your aspiration, then everything will change in you and everything will change around you.

We need devoted collaborators. We need warriors of Light, whom we can count on in the implementation of our plans for this country and for humanity as a whole.

Light your torches and set off to bestow your flame to the world.

Lina, Chicago

This is one of the most powerful books I've ever read. So much energy, fire and Love El Morya gave there, that you can not live the same after reading it. It made me really thinking what can I do for humanity and for common good.
This is one of my favorite quotes of His Message from December 22, 2016:

“Beloved, in any situation God can always find a solution that would correspond to the evolutionary path of development.
The opposing forces won.
That is wonderful!
It is seemingly a victory.
It is impossible to defeat God.

You must act, act, and act!
During your time, it is impossible to achieve personal salvation only by means of prayers and meditations.
Service is required; helping those who need help is required.
You must make provisions for the future.
Highly developed souls cannot come into these current conditions.
Therefore, in order for worthy, advanced, and spiritually-developed souls to come into embodiment, you must create the conditions for the arrival of these souls on the planet right now.
Each step — from the preparation of future parents, to the conception of a child, to their upbringing and education — must be well thought out.
You will determine for yourselves whether you will do that in separate communities or within the borders of existing localities.
However, the conditions in big cities are not suitable for the coming of the future saviors of humanity.
Your task is to prepare a platform, a sort of Noah’s ark, to preserve the gene pool of Homo sapiens.
Everything is important: food, water, living conditions, and education.
If it becomes necessary to go live in the woods to provide the needed conditions, then you should go to the woods.
If it becomes necessary to create new laws to provide the needed conditions, then you should go into politics and insist that these laws are passed.
You cannot ensure personal salvation for yourselves at the present time without helping humanity as a whole.
You will not have a passing score to be allowed into the Kingdom of God.
Therefore, prepare for work.
Roll up your sleeves!
It is exactly now that self-sacrifice for the sake of the future of humanity is required!
Salvation is in your hands!”