Murdered In Malaysia

Murdered In Malaysia

The Altantuya Story

Non-Fiction - True Crime
1137 Pages
Reviewed on 08/21/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Murdered In Malaysia: The Altantuya Story by E.S. Shankar is a true crime tale that explores the 2006 murder of the twenty-eight-year-old Mongolian Altantuya. Who actually killed this brilliant woman and for what reason? Much has been made of the murder and questions raised with no satisfactory answers, but in this spellbinding true crime tale, the author unveils facts that have been covered up, hidden in the darkness of the corrupt nature of the government. The author offers stunning arguments and evidence that the murder of the pregnant young woman was due to the fact that she became involved in the US $1 billion acquisition of submarines from France by the Malaysian Navy and the Defense minister.

In this book, the author takes a deep, clinical look at the evil that plagues many developing countries and the role that the French government plays in fueling political tensions and chaos in many countries across the world for their political and economic interests. This is a story that talks about one of the gravest abuses of power, where the defenseless innocents are shut up with gunshots and explosives, while those who give the sinister orders walk away free.

Murdered In Malaysia: The Altantuya Story is a well-researched account of murder, a story that reads like fiction but that has many elements of truth in it. The confidence with which the author writes is indicative of the fact that he has done his homework well. It is a powerful, unmitigated chastisement of corrupt political institutions, a book that beautifully and brilliantly showcases the political and cultural landscapes of Malaysia. Readers will be enticed by the author’s storytelling skills, his confident style of writing, and the logic that comes across clearly through the writing. I couldn’t put it down.