My Fox Ate My Cake

Children - Grade 4th-6th
141 Pages
Reviewed on 03/31/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

My Fox Ate My Cake by David Blaze is a beautiful story for young readers — and adults who are children at heart, like me. Meet Jonah Johnson and his best friend, a fox. The fox seems to be the best friend Jonah has, the only one he seems to get along with so perfectly. But there is a problem. Jonah gets into all sorts of problems since the day he met the talking fox. But this time, it’s the fox who is in trouble. It’s been captured by the most dreaded person in school — the school bully himself. This time, it’s Jonah’s chance to show loyalty to his best friend, but can he stand up to the bully?

Characters like Jonah, Shane the bully, Melissa, who is empathetic, Dana, who is courageous and stands up to the bully, and others are really memorable and well-developed. There are many dramatic moments in this tale and I loved how Dana takes Shane down. Her words of triumph are hilarious. The themes of friendship, bullying, and self-confidence are masterfully explored in this book and it is no doubt that young readers will have a lot to learn from it. The prose is beautiful and the author’s narrative is perfect and very accessible to readers of all ages. The setting is a great environment where kids learn and grow, and at times do this the hard way. My Fox Ate My Cake is an entertaining read and David Blaze is joining my list of favorite children's authors.

Jack Magnus

My Fox Ate My Cake is a humorous novel for children, grades 4-6, and preteens written by David Blaze. Joe's mom had a surprise birthday for him for his twelfth birthday, and, boy, was it a surprise. She had invited what seemed like half of the entire school, including Joe's nemesis, Shane Connors. Connors was a bully who especially had it in for Joe after he had written a paper for Shane which humiliated and embarrassed him. Now Shane was being his usual obnoxious self and winning all the games. Joe's mom had set up a candy buffet filled with every candy imaginable, and there was lots of it. The rules were that if you won a game, you got to grab a bunch of candy. After a while, Shane had a large bag of his sweet winnings, and the other kids were starting to complain about him hogging it all. Then it was Joe's turn to challenge Shane, and the two boys got into position for arm wrestling. Joe fully expected to be demolished by the bigger boy, but he was actually able to hold his own and began to think he might just win a bunch of candy after all. That fantasy exploded in a flash of extreme pain when Shane distracted him with a vicious kick. Joe lost his concentration and the match. Despite that unpleasantness, later, when Joe's mom and Uncle Mike came in with his birthday cake, Joe tried to stay cool in front of his classmates, but found it hard to stop grinning. His wish? The only thing he really wanted was to see his best friend Fox again and share this special day with him.

David Blaze's humorous novel, My Fox Ate My Cake, is the second in Blaze's fantasy series about a young boy and his best friend, a talking fox. I loved the first book, My Fox Ate My Homework, and was thrilled to discover this sequel. It's every bit as good as the first one! While they've been separated for a few months, Fox and Joe immediately settle into the den Joe builds for them, and it's as though Fox never left. These two buddies have got to be my favorite literary preteen heroes; they're loyal to a fault and still have that juvenile sense of humor that giggles at farts, even the most disgusting ones. Blaze gives Fox some social media exposure, and the plot gets even more outrageous after that. Get this for your preteen who hates reading and see what happens, or better yet, get it for yourself if you still have your own well-developed juvenile sense of humor. My Fox Ate My Cake is most highly recommended.