Mystery of White Horse Lake

Mystery of White Horse Lake

An Irish Mystery

Fiction - Fantasy - General
194 Pages
Reviewed on 04/01/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Castle Chonamara, nestled in the rugged landscape of the Connemara Mountains, alongside the Pola Capall Lake, has a mystery that revolves around a series of unexplained deaths. They all happen within a span of seven years and very few have borne witness to the powerful white stallion, a phantom really, who chooses its victims based on the wee fairies, the Sidhe, who guard the beautiful walled garden. The Sidhe have also only been seen by a few, and only those few that they choose to protect because they are the ones who care for the garden. The victims? Always an evil element that needs eliminating.

Miss Cathleen Cullen has worked at the castle for over fifty years, beginning as a lowly housemaid. Working for the various owners over the years, she rose to become personal maid and then housekeeper and finally a chosen family member. She had seen the Sidhe and she had seen the phantom horse do its deadly deeds. She wanted it to stop. She wanted an end to the horrific events that also claimed innocent victims.

Frances Powell has a passion for the fantastical events of probabilities and possibilities that surround a legend. Her recent novel, Mystery of White Horse Lake, is a captivating tale full of mystery, fairies and a phantom horse, all the good stuff that an Irish legend is made of. The story is told in an alluring voice, as all good legends are. Written in first person, the main character, Miss Cullen, tells her story as if she were sharing an allegory. The author has the undeniable gift of a classic storyteller, a good voice to use when telling a compelling Irish legend. With eloquent descriptions and believable characters and scenarios, this story is a thrill to read.