Night Shadows

Detective Louis Martelli, NYPD, Mystery/Thriller Series

Fiction - Mystery - Murder
177 Pages
Reviewed on 04/08/2014
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Author Biography

Theodore J. Cohen, PhD, holds three degrees in the physical sciences from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and has been an engineer and scientist for more than 45 years. He has been an investor for more than 50 years, and most recently has focused on investigating and reporting on corruption in US financial institutions and agencies of the US government. Night Shadows brings back NYPD Homicide Detective Louis Martelli, the hero he introduced in Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls, and who later reprised his role in House of Cards: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Lilith: Demon of the Night. From December 1961 through early March 1962, Dr. Cohen participated in the 16th Chilean Expedition to the Antarctic. The US Board of Geographic Names in October, 1964, named the geographical feature Cohen Islands, located at 63° 18' S. latitude, 57° 53' W. longitude in the Cape Legoupil area, Antarctica, in his honor. His Antarctic Murders Trilogy describes what happened following a robbery of the Banco Central de Chile in Talcahuano in May, 1960. Dr. Cohen's first novel, Full Circle: A Dream Denied, A Vision Fulfilled, is based on his life as a violinist. He also has authored more than 400 papers, columns, essays, and interviews for the popular, scientific, and technical literature.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

Night Shadows by Theodore J. Cohen, PhD, is a murder mystery right out of NYPD case files, or so it seems. Detective-Investigator Louis Martelli and his partner, Sean O’Keeffe, found themselves with an unexpected murder on their hands when Deputy Coroner Michael Antonetti’s assistant discovered a rare ancient coin under the tongue of the cadaver brought in as an apparent suicide. Launched into an investigation they hadn’t anticipated, the detectives soon found themselves investigating a related second murder, while trying to prevent a third one. Using resources available to the police IT person, the two built their case one slow piece at a time, following up on many false leads in the process. Would they be able to solve the case before another murder is committed? Would they finally be able to follow a legitimate lead? Would the murderer be apprehended?

Night Shadows is a fascinating and believable story about the consequences of poor decisions. Sometimes those consequences are not realized until much later in life. Dr. Cohen has crafted a brilliant tale demonstrating the possible results of choices made by a group of High School students, which finally come to fruition many years later. Details of the police investigation were remarkably credible, incorporating a number of high tech tools only recently available. Dr. Cohen has perfectly captured the essence of small town America, and the passion for athletic performance that goes beyond the rational. This story was an enthralling tale I just could not put down. This is one murder mystery I will assuredly recommend to anyone and everyone with an interest in the genre.