No Place to Stand Alone

Historical Mergers & Acquisitions

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
191 Pages
Reviewed on 07/20/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

No Place to Stand Alone: Historical Mergers & Acquisitions by Ashraf Haggag is a ground-breaking book on business and finance, a book that brilliantly showcases the place of mergers in today’s business arena. Starting with the challenges that competition poses in the various different market sectors, the author moves on to masterfully illustrate how mergers and acquisitions have been the most logical alternative for businesses that wanted to grow and to survive in the past two decades. In this book, readers will understand why companies merge or acquire other companies. They will understand why some mergers fail and why others thrive. With today’s cut-throat competition, it becomes very tough for companies to survive and to expand. The secret to business growth — and growth that happens quickly — lies in joining resources with other successful companies or acquiring them. With compelling historical examples, the author shows why some mergers and acquisitions fail while others succeed.

Ashraf Haggag offers case studies to illustrate his points. In this book, the author unveils the corporate landscape as it is, letting readers see the challenges that lie ahead of companies. The highly accessible, conversational and popular writing style flows and the author’s confidence comes across clearly. The reader is left in no doubt that they are at the feet of a master, listening to someone who has been researching and studying mergers over the years, and who speaks with the certitude that derives from knowledge. No Place to Stand Alone: Historical Mergers & Acquisitions is a book for business owners, and key decision makers in companies considering expansion. It is a well-written book that offers everything readers would want to know about mergers and acquisitions.