Oh Daddy Chronicles

Fiction - Humor/Comedy
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Reviewed on 11/15/2020
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Author Biography

I'm a retired CPA. I did that stuff for a large, international accounting firm for 26 years. Then I quit. Together with my Finnish wife and two beautiful daughters, we moved to Helsinki, Finland. I never looked back. I lived there full-time for 12 years and now spend much of the time in Florida, saving cool Finland for the summer.
The Oh Daddy Chronicles was born in the stay-at-home days of March 2020. It seemed that every time I read or watched the news concerning Mr. Trump, my blood would boil and I started writing. I soon found that the lampooning of Mr. Trump and associates had therapeutic effect - not just on me, but also on the television set which avoided vases and the like crashing through it. I hope my book will have a similar beneficial effect on you and produce a good old-fashioned belly laugh or two. After all, it's the best revenge we have, second only to voting.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers' Favorite

The Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is described as “a contemporary political satire” that “takes current events and explains what we thought was unexplainable.” The book, however, thrusts much deeper into the heart of satire and, in reality, is a total lampooning of President Donald J. Trump, the Trump family, and those who back and enable them. Perhaps we have in author Barry Robbins a new and more direct version of Douglas C. Kenney, co-founder of the National Lampoon magazine and the National Lampoon Radio Hour, or even the great writers who collaborated to produce the famous and hilarious British movie, The Life of Brian. Regardless of comparisons, Barry Robbins has written a satirical look into a man who will surely be remembered in history as the absolute worst American president... by far (as he himself often claims)!

The Oh Daddy Chronicles has no plot, per se. It isn’t set up in the three-act format used in stories or novels. Instead, it’s a series of episodes that describe visits and conversations by a variety of people in Trump’s circle of family, friends, and subservient employees/government officials. Readers who have “followed” Trump through love or hate (there seems to be no middle ground with him) will recognize many of the scenes and characters as depicted all across television and social media. At the very least, Trump’s inability to talk in complete sentences, misuse of word definitions, and his psychologically impaired mind is proof positive of the verisimilitude that forms the foundation for this satirical look at “Forty-Five.” I thought some episodes a bit over the top, the inanity far beyond imbecilic, until I realized that the scenes were perfectly aligned with the reality of the man and the situations. For me... no fan of Trump, the book was a refreshing laugh a minute read that helped me overcome my overwhelming desire to strangle the man or throw a vase through the television every time he appeared. This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids!

Asher Syed

Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a political satire that fictionalizes the inner workings of the White House and its 45th inhabitant, President Donald J. Trump. Robbins does not spare a single soul from his blistering humor and a no-holds-barred narrative, which is written almost entirely through dialogue. The stage is set with Trump already having fumbled through his first three years in office, rooted on by an adoring staff and family, as the Coronavirus—which Trump has referred to as the “beer virus”—elbows its way to a center stage that the President desires only for himself. His idiocy on absolutely every problem presented, combined with an obsession with therapeutics proven dangerous, his ball-swinging thingy, phone calls deemed perfect in his own mind, and a whole host of other muddy situations are on full display as he waddles through his last first-term year with all the panache of an 11th-century phenomenon known as the dog-duck.

At a time when there is very little to laugh about, Barry Robbins truly lifts a reader's spirits with Oh Daddy Chronicles. I loved the portrayals of those who surround and enable him as they scramble to make Trump's lunacy appear, at the very least, moderately coherent as they continually throw ideas at a wall hoping one will stick. My favorite involves Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who is essentially in a virtual game of dodgeball as calls are rerouted to avoid speaking with the President, ultimately putting him through to a basement sanitation worker. I think where this book rises above similar I have read along the same lines is that, at least in my own mind, it feels like a reader-friendly play script. The closest correlation I can make is to the play Spamalot, which drips with the same satire and silliness as the Oh Daddy Chronicles. As for its literary merit, Robbins has a strong, clear voice that transfers to each character and event. This is a light-hearted and witty book that will likely find an eager audience.

Renee Guill

Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a political satire that reads like a TV show. Similar to a Saturday Night Live episode, it makes fun of everyone, especially President Trump. It gives answers to questions, like why the president wanted to use hydroxychloroquine and what happened with the Bible incident. It is pretty one-sided. You meet characters like Melania, the first lady, Ivanka Trump, President Putin, Andrew Cuomo and other political people that work for the president.

I thought that Oh Daddy by Barry Robbins was hilarious! I could not stop laughing. I should warn you, some of the language might be offensive to some people. Also, depending on what side you are on, you might not enjoy the humor. I loved the style of the writing, even getting the first lady’s accent. I thought it was hard to choose just one favorite episode, so I will list my top three favorites. I loved the Who’s On First episode; it is based on the Abbott and Costello Who’s On First skit. I also loved the Quark one, especially the Star Trek part. And the one about the villages in Florida. I thought the world-building was pretty well done, especially the Jared Kushner painting. I thought it was a unique and fun way to learn the behind the scenes of the White House. If you need a good laugh and follow politics, then I would definitely recommend this book. You may not want to read in public, as you will be laughing out loud, a lot.

Megan Bolland

Creative, Hilarious, and Highly Entertaining

Oh Daddy Chronicles is a hilarious political satire by the very talented Barry Robbins. This book takes Donald Trump as its main target with special appearances of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Melania Trump, and many more political figures. I really enjoyed this book and everyone should pick this up if they are in need of a laugh.

The book is laid out like small episodes, which made the book practically impossible to put down! As soon as one skit was finished - I was eager to read the next, and the next, and before you know it you have finished and are yearning for more. Each episode takes on a different issue regarding Trump such as ventilators, relationship with Melania, TikTok, Twitter, and much more.

Although this book is hilarious, Robbins definitely makes some serious political points that are masked by satire. This is especially apparent regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump’s terrible approach is shown through humor.

Also, I appreciated the educational notes added throughout, these are just brief notes that clarified information that not everyone is instantly familiar with. It allows the reader to appreciate the jokes more and fully understand the skit. For example, there is an ‘educational interjection’ regarding a skit about Trump’s mistake over Melania’s birthplace, and it just states where she is from. It made the joke much funnier.

My favorite skit is called ‘Yes We’re Going to a Party, Party’, which is about Trump’s birthday. I loved reading about the gifts he got from each person e.g. receiving an annotated US constitution and then Trump’s insistence to move on quickly as well as ‘A Beginner’s Guide to English Words’- this made me chuckle! Additionally, I found the ‘TikTok’ skit very funny. Despite being quite short it is a great conversation between Trump and his son Barron.

Of course - this book has a bias against Trump, which might not go down too well with his supporters, but nonetheless, I’m sure everyone can have a giggle at the skits in this book.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to any comedy lover or anyone who keeps up with politics in the USA. It is creative and hilarious, and Barry Robbins has some risky jokes that certainly pay off to create his points and arguments against Trump’s actions. Despite being from the UK, I fully appreciate the humor about what is going on across the pond! So do not be put off if you are not American! All in all - this is a 5* read.

Jailyn Fierro

I have to be honest, I thought that--even if I actually found this satire funny--there was no way I
would actually laugh out loud; it rarely ever happens. I stand corrected, this actually made me
laugh, out loud. The first few lines include a reference to one of Trump's distasteful comments
about “grabbing them” by the you-know-what, and right in that moment I knew this wasn’t going
to hide from the ugly truth.
Oh Daddy Chronicles is a political satire based on the current events of the United States; it is
funny and tragic. As one reads the absurdity and nonsense between Trump and others that come
to the White House, one can’t help but feel embarrassed and ashamed at the reality of it. Sure, as
a satire it is overly exaggerated--but I found myself questioning, how far is this really from the
truth? That is the tragic part. One of my favorite scenes is one in which it discusses the origins of
the coronavirus in the United States, and there is a conversation between Trump and Sean
Conley--his physician--where they discuss what would happen if Trump were to become
infected. The scene is comical in that Conley is portrayed with heavy Scottish characteristics
such as carrying around bagpipes when meeting with Trump--not to mention the use of Scottish
dialect with words like bonnie and lass with the mention that Trump would essentially die given
his age and health.
This was a very fun read overall and would recommend to anyone who obviously has great
objections with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who is unfortunately head of the United States. If
you stay up to date on politics, I think you would enjoy this very much. Another favorite
“episode” is one that discussed the Tik Tok ban which explores the working of the K-POP
fandom working against Trump--a very fun memory to reminisce. Essentially, the writing style
was the shining star--it felt like I was watching an SNL skit--every episode is well thought out
and even to the end of the epilogue Barry Robbins delivers with humor.

Tom Daschle, fmr. Senate Majority Leader

Well-written. Entertaining. Excellent political satire.

Lucinda Clarke

The Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a satirical account of
modern-day politics in America. It’s a series of short skits, each
tackling a different aspect of the day-to-day running in the White
House. Famous people are thinly disguised, or not disguised at all,
and lampooned for various reported actions, many of which have
hit the headlines around the world. The main character is described
as narcissistic, insensitive, and with a below room temperature IQ.
He has huge problems with words, zero understanding of the world,
and is shown to be totally unsuitable to run as much as a hot dog
stand. Various other characters come into play, the Fed Ex delivery
man, the various ministers, the Press Secretary, and several of
those who once worked in the west wing, but whose services are no
longer required.

In the Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins, we meet the leader of
the free world in a less than favorable light. The author satirizes
every aspect of the bizarre and often unexplained behavior of the
current incumbent in the White House. This could be described as a
Marmite book; you will either love it or hate it. In many places it
sounds very funny, in others, I was puzzled. It would make
complete sense to readers who are familiar with all the various
ministerial officials, some of whom I did not know, so I lost some of
the humor. I guess the man famous for his tomato sauce, or the
Chinese who runs the local take away are caricatures of the current
president’s love of fast food. No stone is left unturned in
highlighting his extraordinary behavior and proclamations.

Whichever party you vote for, I dare you not to laugh at some of the
situations and inane observations. The funniest part for me was the
vain attempts to contact the head of Twitter; that was satire at its
best. Nepotistic members of the family do not escape the author’s
eagle eye as we meet some rather bizarre relations along with real
people who have often appeared in the news. It’s refreshing to read
a book that ignores political correctness and has the ability to poke
fun at important figures and lesser statesmen.

Linda Vesterlund

The book Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a contemporary political satire. It consists of 46 short episodes or comic strips about the nightmare called Trump, Mr. “I am-the-Leader of the Free American World.” I believe it doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you are on - the book will give you many laughs. It is informative, comical, and insightful!
The author creates amusing scenes where Trump is compared to Melania’s uncle, who is a pig farmer in Zagorje; the scenes where Trump would rather wear mascara than a mask; where he’d listen to compliments about his latest tweets all day long; or the story about vaccines and Trump’s complaints that he had taken lots and lots of blue pills during his four years of his governing, but it didn’t help much…
This book is a parody of our reality - full of caricature, ridicule, hyperbole, and irony on the people of power. Someone said there’s no truth like satire. He was probably right! Each episode illuminates some of the bubbles and blind spots in a media environment dominated by liberals. Under Trump, as conspiracy theories and alternative narratives have proliferated, Americans seem to have lost belief in democracy and order. But democracy is not dead!
Genuinely recommend to anyone interested in politics, society, or modern history – or just a good old-fashioned belly laugh. I found it to be an outstanding collection and enjoyed reading it. Brilliant value for money!

Anthony Avina

The Review

What a creative and fun way of looking into the madness that was the Trump Administration. So many people in the United States and around the world sat in disbelief at many of the things said and done over the last four years, and still continue to be so. The author has perfectly captured this feeling with a series of short skits that tackle the absurdity of several real-life situations through political satire.

The thinly-veiled jabs at several notable figures in and around the White House and President’s family perfectly blend into the situations that have become headline news over the years, including the disastrous response to the COVID-19 epidemic. The author writes with a voice that perfectly balances the humor and wit that many come to expect from a political satire, while the dialogue and imagery used throughout the narrative do a fantastic job of painting a vivid image in the reader’s mind as each scenario plays out. The humor only intensifies when the reality of the situations themselves in real life hit home, making this a one of a kind read that is not to be missed.

The Verdict

In this time of chaos, as the year comes to a close and a new administration is set to take office within the next month or so, this is a perfect read. Humorous, enlightening, and mature, author Barry Robbin’s “Oh Daddy Chronicles” is the political satire many readers need and won’t be able to put down. Injecting much need laughs into the ridiculous nature of American Politics at this point in time, this is a must-read satire in 2020, so be sure to grab your copy today!