One Night With A Duke

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
340 Pages
Reviewed on 09/30/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

One Night With A Duke by Sandra Masters is the story of two people from different sides of society, yet they were destined for one another. The story follows Raven, the Duke of Ravensmere, who has sworn to seal off his heart against the dangers of love, and a stunning widow named Samantha who also has high walls around her heart. Cold and reclusive, Raven promised himself that he would never allow himself to love again. The loss of his wife and child was hard enough on him so that he closed himself off and became reserved.

His life takes a sudden turn when he meets with the beautiful Samantha who helps him in his time of need. With a simple kiss, she sealed her fate with him; however, at that time, they had no idea what would happen. With the death of her husband, Samantha never wanted to make herself vulnerable again. However, the sparks between them are too fiery to ignore. And when Raven finds himself at risk once again, Samantha has no choice but to stand by him. The chemistry between them is strong and, little by little, they both start to let their guard down. But will they get the chance to be truly together?

Fast-paced, entertaining and sizzling, the novel is an intense romance that makes you fall in love with the characters. I literally breezed through the novel in one sitting because I did not want to stop reading or put the book down. Many historical romances have a tendency to read the same, but not this one. Raven is dark and mysterious, while Samantha is even more interesting. Together they make a potent mix that makes this novel stand out from other historical romances. The characters are well-developed right from the very beginning and they continue to grow as the novel progresses. Sizzling and too good to put down. It was like reading magic!