Fiction - Thriller - Political
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Reviewed on 09/12/2017
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Author Biography

Doug Hearle is a former New York City journalist who later spent more than two decades consulting with foreign governments and international companies dealing with their relationships with the American people and US corporations. The context of this book reflects a good deal of his overseas work in southeast Asia.
Born in the Bronx, he has dedicated his time, since retiring from corporate life, to lecturing and writing "and a modest percentage," he adds, "to some bass fishing."
His wife, Mary, is a professional editor and scrutinizes all his work.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Outsource by Douglas G. Hearle is a political thriller with an interesting cast of characters, a strong plot, and an exciting setting. A New York businessman, a globetrotter, is employed by the CIA to carry their messages surreptitiously to their contacts in Southeast Asian governments. The territory is reported to be a breeding ground for terrorists and Indonesia becomes a very interesting spot for them. The amateur intelligence agent quickly gets absorbed into a plot to commit a terrible crime of the century, a crime with strong links to Wall Street. The exciting story takes readers on a race across cities and continents, culminating in the CIA’s own base in Langley. Can the plotters pull off the insidious murder of the President?

This is a compelling, intricate tale involving a powerful cast of characters and readers will be intrigued by the Presidents Committee. Douglas G. Hearle has masterfully crafted his story in a style very close to Robert Ludlum’s, with chapters that are designed to ignite new and higher levels of interest in readers, each chapter becoming an appetizer for the next. The pacing is fast and readers will enjoy watching the amateur intelligence agent in his blunders. Here is a story that combines powerful themes like political intrigue, patriotism, and business with exceptionally storytelling skills to create a complex world for readers to navigate. Outsource features a well-plotted story with characters that are memorable and an international setting that will have readers wishing they were actually crossing borders.

Ann Rende

Both my husband and I enjoyed