Ovis Aires

Poetry Book

Poetry - General
77 Pages
Reviewed on 03/24/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Melissa Tanaka for Readers' Favorite

Ovis Aires is a collection of poetry written and illustrated by Daniel William Zevetchin. The title itself is a reference to the Latin name for the domestic sheep, which then sets the tone for this poetry collection. The poems themselves generally reflect the issues that we face today as a result of being herded into like-mindedness and how the ideals that we so often uphold have repercussions that we are too blind to see or are nothing more than an unobtainable illusion. By focusing on this, it is likely that Zevetchin aims to urge readers to stand up and rebel, and fight for what they believe in, as at the end there is a message of hope and the idea that the world will only change for the better if we take the steps to make it so.

Ovis Aires is a powerful poetry collection. The majority of these poems focus on darker themes, such as the terrible issues that many young children are forced to deal with in war torn countries around the world in the poem “The Human Condition,” or the way in which deportation tears families apart and the lack of empathy that others have in the poem “The Deportation of a Nation.” Although the poems themselves are not that long, there is so much to unpack within those 28 poems that you will find yourself poring over this book for a few solid hours and, of course, enjoying every last one of them.