Non-Fiction - Environment
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Reviewed on 07/11/2022
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Author Biography

V.S.Sury, from Karnataka, India. Graduated as an electrical engineer in 1967. A bachelor by choice, now running on 78, he has retired from service, and is living at Kolar. He developed a passion for writing after the retirement. His previous novel, JESTUS, was published in 2010. He has written a sequel, ‘Jestus on Rampage’. A third book, Fentoscience is soon to be published. ‘Parallels’, is his fourth book. Sury loves leading a reclusive life, reading, and contemplating on Life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

Parallels: A Broad Look at Nature’s Fascinating Ways by V.S. Sury is the by-product of the union between spirituality and philosophy. As linguistics defines language as a system of arbitrary symbols, vocal or written, used by a speech community to interact with one another, the author keenly finds connections in how we use words in observing the endless phenomena of Nature. This is just a taste of what this book presents as it talks about Nature and how it utilizes a particular program or way of functioning in expanding its kingdom of creation. The parallels that this book addresses run in different fields and find a common thread rooted in the most infinitesimal compositions that gradually build up to create our intelligent and complex civilization. The concept is an amalgamation of different fields coming together to reflect the spirit of untethered imagination and energy.

V.S. Sury is unique and original as a philosophical and spiritual author, whose take on subjects such as creation, nature, diversity, and balance are well-presented in easily digestible and concise chapters that leave no room for boredom. Judging from the grasp of his subject, Sury is a skilled writer with a deep passion for spirituality and Eastern philosophy. He has the capacity to write in a persuasive manner that opens up your mind to consider his perspectives. He uses spiritual, scientific, and philosophical references to advance his points. Parallels helps bring people together from various disciplines to further improve our understanding of the universe. I am glad that I read this book, which I found deep and fascinating, and many people from the opposite ends of the spectrum, the scientific and the esoteric, will also find this book enjoyable.