Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
100 Pages
Reviewed on 10/29/2017
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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant by Ndeye Labadens is an insightful read which speaks about leadership skills and behavior. The author’s concepts of feed forwarding, mind mapping, and design thinking are useful tools and will make readers think about how to increase their creativity, how to foster innovation, and promote creativity and conflict management within a team. The author helps readers to analyze their management style, and shows how to solve problems, and how to foster a culture of innovation within the organization. The author's action plan is divided into two parts; personal and professional goals and how they are helpful in bettering one's way of life.

The book is an engaging and interesting read and will encourage many readers to use the suggestions and tips shared by the author. The author’s personal experiences make the book palpable and will enable readers to connect better with her techniques and advice. I found the author’s objectives motivating and inspiring, and her knowledge from her online business is useful when it comes to accomplishing goals. It is a must-read for all those planning to start a business as her tips on how to make a business thrive and succeed are good. The diagrams in the book are useful and are relevant to the topic. The author also stresses the importance of critical thinking. For all those who are keen on starting their own business and progressing slowly, this book is the perfect read. All the strategies listed by the author can be incorporated easily to enable a business to thrive.


This book provides good insights on how to help your business thrive and succeed. The author shared in this book her personal experiences that made not only her digital business stand out but her personal life a success as well.


Do you want to start your own business? This is the book for you! In this book, you'll get several ideas on how to start and grow your business into the major competitor you want it to be!

In Playful Strategies, the author shares her knowledge from when she worked for a major, online business. She also shares how she started at the bottom and quickly rose up the corporate ladder.

Yes, if you're interested in starting your own business or just want to learn how to progress personally in that business, this book is for you!


Nice job. I 'm hooked on this book. wow! so much information about TripAdvisor. I'm learning a lot. Love the SWOT Analysis you show here too because I just learned about it this summer, learning this is super important for any type of business you are. Good job yo always please me as the picky reader I am.

Laura Domino

“Asking yourself the right questions will help you develop on the long term.” Knowing which questions to ask is a common factor that leads to success. The success of this author comes from her diligence to research her customer and her competitors. Becoming aware of your professional surroundings is always a benefit.

Kelly Hines

Let's face it, We all need help navigating through life/business, who better to learn from than an experienced business woman. Clear concise Information, It's a simple straight forward read that will motivate and inspire you.

Amazon Customer

As usual, Ndeye has compiled, personal strategies that will help your business thrive, she knows what she's doing, good work