Something Completely Odd

Poems and Ramblings

Poetry - General
70 Pages
Reviewed on 09/27/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

Something Completely Odd: Poems and Ramblings by Christopher Dyer is, as the title suggests, a collection of poems and musings on love and life. This is a short read, yet the content of some of the poems encompasses not only love, sadness, and human emotion, but also a touch of philosophy and contemplation on life itself. Most of the poems are about a page long, and they are interspersed with longer stretches of writing that can be described as Dyer’s own reflections, thoughts, ramblings, or random musings on life. Some of the musings are definitely from Dyer’s personal experiences and, as such, provide an insight into his views and his life.

I really enjoyed Something Completely Odd: Poems and Ramblings by Christopher Dyer a lot. Although the book seems short at first glance, it is surprisingly well packed inside with thought-provoking poems. I enjoyed the poems more than the musings, but that’s just me, and it is also probably due to the fact that I thought Dyer excels in poetry more than prose. Some of my favorite poems are “Again Because I Like It,” and “Bert” because it embodies the values of freedom and respect for all creatures. Seeing the mindless cruelty in today’s world, I wish and hope that poems like these will inspire people to pause and reflect before eating animal meat, or just committing cruelty to creatures in any form. This is a great collection of poems I would highly recommend!