Stretch for Change

How To Improve Your Change Fitness And Thrive In Your Life

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
294 Pages
Reviewed on 07/17/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

Gustavo Razzetti’s Stretch For Change is a book designed to guide those individuals, organizations, and companies that are seeking to revise themselves, but might be too discomfited by the idea to really do so. Divided into three sections comprising eleven chapters (including an inspiring introduction and a review at the end), Stretch For Change provides an answer for virtually every objection, from viewing the word ‘change’ as a verb instead of a noun, to pinpointing the exact ‘cultural neurosis’ the organization would likely fall under. Working hand-in-hand with meaningful stretch exercises—primarily of the mind bending nature, but dabbling in the physical as well—Razzetti’s Stretch For Change offers a no holds barred approach to embracing change and overcoming all that inhibits it.

Down to earth and relatable, Stretch For Change is written in a way that will inspire just about anyone with the desire to see past their perceived limitations. I saw the walls that several companies I’d worked for built up to keep creativity and change out, and caging myself, as a worker bee, in. Additionally, I also saw myself as an occasional ‘Enemy of Innovation’ with the goal, strategy, threat, and weapon of choice. Instead of being defensive to the mirror Razzetti holds up, I found his observations comfortable and natural. Plainspoken and as simple to grasp as if he were conversing with me on a sofa, Razzetti offers both the concept and the tools to make the changes that many are desperately seeking, but few are courageous enough to go after.