Survival at Starvation Lake

Christian - Fiction
216 Pages
Reviewed on 06/17/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

In Survival At Starvation Lake by Gary P. Hansen, the plane lost an engine; the pilots knew they were going to crash land and the only chance for survivors was if they made it to the marsh. Sally McPhearson would not have survived the plane crash if not for the man sitting next to her, Paul Sinhuna. They were the only two survivors. They made their way through the frozen landscape to a cabin, expecting to be rescued soon. The plane had been off course by 500 miles. The cabin had an outhouse, stove, wood, a little food and tools that would help them survive. They found the diary of Susan Smith the last person to live there; her words offered strength and much needed information.

Hansen offers readers an exciting and entertaining adventure in the frozen land of the Canadian wilderness. I was quickly swept up in this adventure. Hansen’s description had me shivering in the heat of the summer. I truly cared about what happened to Sally, Paul and Susan. Hansen breathed life into his characters and they marched off the page and into my heart. I have one complaint, however. The plot of this book is fantastic, but the editing is lacking. Quotation marks are used in the wrong places, words are left out, etc. It wasn’t terribly bad, but I did notice. This plot deserves the best! This book has a very strong Christian message. I think this would make a fantastic movie.