Sweet Temptation

The Agony and the Ecstacy of Passion

Romance - Sizzle
297 Pages
Reviewed on 09/15/2017
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Author Biography

Sweet Temptation is not a book I intended to write and I'm not actually sure that I did. I tapped almost 100,000 words on my laptop keyboard but whose was the guiding hand? My Welsh friend who complained I carried the research too far and scared her? My buddy from Texas who asked for just one more book in the Royal Command series? No. It was Michael, The Diamond Superstar himself. He was lonely and didn't I remember he'd had a fancy for Evie, the young detective who'd found his wife's killer? I did - but that was supposed to be his likely "happy ending". Not good enough, according to him, so here you are. Help yourselves to the next stage of his life, but beware The Spy and the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Evie Taylor is obsessed about her work, with decidedly no time for men and she loves her life that way, but she has a secret liking for Michael Marsh, the Diamond Superstar. Michael has been widowed for two years and the young woman who helped close the case on his wife’s murder still haunts his thoughts. Circumstances bring them together and this time their hearts are lit with a powerful flame of desire. And it’s not long before they find themselves poised for an ultimate union. But there is someone who is out to destroy their marriage before it is even consummated, a spy who does not seem to particularly like the Marsh family, a journalist who is about to prove that Michael has an incestuous relationship with his own daughter, Lisette. Will Evie’s investigative skills be enough to stop an enemy hell-bent on destroying the man who’s turned her life upside-down?

Sweet Temptation is another compelling, sizzling romance spiced with detective work from an author that has created her unique signature for the genre with her exciting characters and strong plot lines. Sarah Stuart creates worlds that feel so real and gets her readers into them. I was hooked from the very start of the story, thanks to the tight and exquisite writing. The reader is greeted with action as they start the story and the intensity doesn’t slow a bit. Abduction is introduced at the beginning in a very clever manner, and the reader immediately notices one of the key characters, Evie. I fell in love with her and was keen to see how she develops. The themes of romance, family, and intrigue are so masterfully crafted into the strong plot and readers will want to discover the part each character plays. Sweet Temptation is a well-crafted story that will delight fans of contemporary romance; it is well-plotted and the characters will stay with readers for a long time. I particularly loved the age gap between Michael and Evie. Sarah Stuart successfully establishes herself as a mistress of the romance genre.

Mamta Madhavan

In Sweet Temptation by Sarah Stuart, protagonist Michael Marsh, the Diamond Superstar, is remembering his wife Lizzie and how he had toured alone for years when Lisette and James were growing up. He thinks his other daughter, fifteen-year-old Greta, is too busy to miss him. Michael craves love and his thoughts turn to Evie Taylor, who was one of the team of detectives he had hired to find out who had murdered Lizzie. She was a great fan of his songs and there had been many occasions when they had been alone and he had held and kissed her. Though thirty years her senior, Michael and Evie fall in love and she moves in with the Diamond Superstar. As the story progresses, readers see Evie being in the hospital with an illness, Greta unhappy with the attention her father is giving Evie and rebelling, the Spy, a journalist who is out to destroy Michael Marsh, and Evie’s mother who is also an enemy. Will Michael and Evie be able to marry and lead a happy life together?

The plot has many layers to it and the author Sarah Stuart masterfully weaves them together, keeping up the tempo of events. The writing style is neat, simple, and elegant, yet assertive and strong. The passion and urgency between Michael and Evie is palpable to readers. All the characters have been portrayed well and they contribute to the story and complement the main characters, Michael and Evie, effectively. With his handsome looks and talent, Michael Marsh is definitely the most memorable character in a story that will fascinate and captivate readers. All the action happening in Sweet Temptation will keep readers glued till the end and make this a compelling read.

Faridah Nassozi

Welcome back to the revolving tale of secrets, betrayals, drama, and love that is the life of the Marsh family. Evie Taylor has loved Michael Marsh - The Diamond Superstar - for as long as she can remember. Fate finally brought them together, but under the most unfortunate circumstances when she helped solve his wife's murder, after which they went their separate ways. When Michael finally invites her into his life, she is hesitant as it means leaving her life behind for him. Right away, they are off to a rocky start with Michael wondering whether Evie is actually in love with him or if she is just another fan in love with his stage persona. Michael's baggage pushes them apart and, just when things are starting to look up, an old nemesis in the form of a mysterious journalist resurfaces, still determined to prove that the incest rumors surrounding the Marsh family are more than just rumors. However, just because she left her job does not mean that Evie left her skills behind, and she is ready to use them to put an end to the faceless enemy of the Marsh family.

Sweet Temptation by Sarah Stuart is yet another drama-filled episode in the Marsh family series. You will meet your favorite characters from the previous three books and some new ones as the web of secrets continues to entangle and untangle. Say what you may about the Marsh family, but as eccentric as they might be, at the end of the day they are a true family that shows up for each other when it counts, and once again Sarah Stuart brings this out perfectly. Even with all their ever-accumulating secrets and drama, one cannot help but fall in love with this unconventional family every single time.

Mr T Benson

Michael Marsh, superstar, is the key figure throughout this excellent series, and in this tale he takes centre stage once again. Love, hate, loyalty, friendship, deceit, terror, kidnap, passion, sex, incest, and more are intertwined to create a feast of entertainment.
In this story the author demonstrates not only a talent for storytelling, but skill in manipulating the plot to draw a reader to different conclusions. I’m widely read in genre and here I’m convinced I’ve found a romance writer who brings the best and worst aspects of a character to light - through dialogue.
As you will find through each episode of the Royal Command saga, the imagery and characterisation are superbly drawn. The situations, and importantly, the suspense and intrigue are brilliantly interwoven.
How much suspense can you get into a a steamy romance? If it’s one of Sarah Stuart’s stories - a lot.
For me, this was another well-constructed portion of a well-researched and skilfully written main story. I believe the numerous characters in the world of Michael Marsh could spawn more tales.

Ruth Coulson

The Royal Command series, of which Sweet Temptation is Book Four, has been a roller-coaster ride of emotion. Michael Marsh and his ‘unconventional’ family have long suffered the consequences of Michael’s disastrous relationship with his daughter, Lisette.
Life is complicated further by Evie, Michael’s new love interest after two lonely years without Lizzie, who was his ‘one love’. When Evie falls desperately ill, he is left fighting a media troll, who wishes to destroy him and his family, and an evil future mother-in-law while trying to save the life of the women he loves who is in a coma.
Ms Stuart tackles the dark secrets of Michael’s celebrity lifestyle and the sacrifices his family must make to keep past scandal under wraps with insight, forgiveness, and feeling. The experiences of a coma victim are fascinating and compelling and provide a unique thread to the story. I love the characters, the unusual storyline, and the fact that this series just gets better and better.

Rita Lee Chapman

Sweet Temptation is the latest book in the life of Michael Marsh, known as The Diamond Superstar.and his complicated family. Two years after Lizzie’s death, Michael has found someone to share his life with, Evie Taylor, but as always in the life of the Superstar, nothing is going to be simple. Can he trust Evie with the true stories of his children? Can this hard-nosed detective put aside her career to follow him around the world as he tours? Meanwhile his daughter, Greta is now fifteen and anxious to spread her wings. She seeks love and fame away from her father’s eagle eye and her normal teenage insecurities lead her to doubt his love for her. Sarah Stuart’s latest thriller is very fast-paced and will leave you breathless as you seek to keep up with the action. If you loved the first three books in the series you will not want to miss this one.


Sweet Temptation by Sarah Stuart continues the ongoing saga of the "Diamond Superstar", Michael Marsh, that readers have come to love over the years, through the first three books. Lizzie has been gone now for two years and Michael is looking again for love, companionship, and someone to stave off those awful nights when he cannot sleep alone. Evie Taylor was a private detective who worked for the firm Michael had used to find Lizzie's killer and he has fallen hopelessly in love with her. True romance never did run smoothly in this dysfunctional showbusiness family and this romance is no exception. Evie has a whole pile of skeletons in her closet as well and Michael will have to earn her trust and understanding, although Evie admits to having loved and adored the "Diamond Superstar" ever since she was a teenager.
This is an interesting move for Stuart's story, away a little bit from the fascinating dynamics of the incestuous, dysfunctional Marsh family, the family heritage that descended from Mary, Queen of Scots, and more toward a simple, straightforward relationship - rest assured, though, the familiar tensions within the family are still there. I enjoyed this story very much and it is a testament to Stuart's development as an author, over the four books, that you can see, as a reader, a subtlety and nuance to the character's interactions and relationships that have developed over the course of this series. An excellent book and the question remains - will there be a number five to this series. I do hope so. Good job Sarah Stuart!

Sibyl Mory

Great story with a mix of inter-weaving plot-lines, involving steamy romance, sizzling-hot passion, intrigue, drama, even incest, at least the accusation of it, and sinister characters and motives. The central characters are Michael Marsh, The Diamond Superstar, the famous singer, and the much younger Evie Taylor, who works for a detective agency, who confront together the obstacles facing them in the development and fulfillment of their relationship. The obstacles are indeed many: amongst them are an illness which might destroy everything; Greta, Michael's jealous daughter; and The Spy, the ruthless, malign journalist intent on destroying Michael's career by any means, fair or foul, normally quite foul and quite evil, to the extent of involving children, incest and physical harm. The book is extremely well-written, and had me hooked from the start. The characters are believable and authentic in their portrayal, and yet the arena in which the incidents of their lives are played out is dramatic, thrilling, emotionally-charged and momentous, let alone titillating, passionate and raw. Classic ingredients for a steamy, no-holds-barred romance and melodrama full of twists and turns and unexpected developments. Great stuff.

Julie du Euphraime

Even as a teenager, Evie Taylor has idolized Michael Marsh, the "Diamond Superstar" When she has an opportunity to meet him, Evie thought she had died and gone to heaven. She may very well have ended up in hell, because the arrangement Michael offered her was not what she’d expected at all. In the meantime, she becomes gravely ill: will Michael acknowledge his love for Evie as she lay in the hospital or will be still consider her too young for him. And then there’s the subplot with Michael’s daughter, Greta, the sex-trafficking ring and child porn, and the book goes from a simple romance novel to a powerful story of love, betrayal, suspense and conflict. There’s lots of emotion to satisfy the suspense thriller and enough romance to please the romance lover.