Young Adult - Thriller
332 Pages
Reviewed on 02/27/2019
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Author Biography

Jody Calkins grew up in the Minnesotan woods and now lives in rural Virginia with her family. She has a degree in classical studies and literature, loves studying languages, and writes young adult speculative fiction.

She is the author of the edgy and heart-wrenching young adult dystopian thriller series The Hexon Code, including Shattered and the upcoming sequel Redeemed. Other books in the series include Tainted, Platform 273, and Bought.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anthony Elmore for Readers' Favorite

Tainted is a brilliant and intense young adult novel written by Jody Calkins. Shep and Charlie met each other unexpectedly when Shep saved her life in a dire situation. Ever since they first met they could not get enough of each other, but all the while they are being chased by every sort of villain, including unnaturally enhanced beasts. With all of the chaos and trials awaiting them around every corner, it's hard for them to get to know each other. As time goes on, they learn things that could change the outcome of humanity, making their future look bleak and hopeless. Will they be able to live long enough to strengthen their relationship while escaping the horrendous catastrophes? Or will their relationship and even their lives be forever doomed by enemies?

Tainted is a very intense book that keeps you on your toes. While the story starts out very sad, the more you read the stronger the characters and their relationships become. This is a very well-written book. With all of the twists and turns and everything happening so quickly, it makes the reader want to finish it so they can find out if everything will work out with the main characters, and who actually started all of the atrocities that led them to find each other. Since this super amazing book has some intimate scenes and graphic violence, I would suggest an audience of sixteen years or older.