The Coming Oil Storm

The Imminent End of Oil and Its Strategic Global Role in EndTimes Prophecy

Christian - Non-Fiction
224 Pages
Reviewed on 11/29/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Linda W. for Readers' Favorite

I found The Coming Oil Storm by Ron Rhodes an enlightening book on the role of oil in the Global scheme of things today and possibly into the end-times. It was an eye-opener for me, as I do not watch the news as much as I should, thus being ignorant of the oil crisis.

Ron systematically sets out his perspective on the world’s view of the oil situation based on information disclosed by scientists, economists, geologists, oil drillers, etc.. However, we don’t have accurate amounts from the Middle East oil accumulations, as they withhold this information from the oil statisticians. Ron makes it very clear that he is not an alarmist or doomsayer, but does want to make clear to those in denial of the oil availability that they should be looking a bit closer to the details and be willing to make life changes. He is adamant that we look for ways to circumvent the need for oil for everything we do in life–farming, manufacturing, driving, hauling food and supplies, etc.

Ron also talks about the political re-alignments in the end-times, some of which will definitely transpire according to Scripture. How that happens may change somewhat after the Wikileak information that has been released and discussed in the news today, stating that Iran is considered to be the world’s #1 troublemaker in the world by their Mideast neighbors. Iran is one of the chief oil distributors, except to America. This bit of current news changed how I was going to write my review on this section, as this could make substantial changes outlined in Ron’s book.

One of the things Ron brings out in regard to all the turmoil and changes that do take place daily, is that God is sovereign, He knows what is happening, and He knows what will transpire until that Day when He returns. There is going to be a calamitous Tribulation time before that Day, where God pours out His wrath upon evildoers.

The crucial point is whether we, the readers, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ–the most important decision and commitment one could ever make. Our decision for this personal relationship will determine where we will spend eternity–with Him or apart. Be sure to read about how to have this relationship in Appendix A.