The First Gospel

Christian - Thriller
320 Pages
Reviewed on 08/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The First Gospel by Darryl Nyznyk is a historical novel that revolves around the two-thousand-year-old mystery of the Cloth of Edessa, murder, and a gritty investigation, a story that links the present to the past in a mysterious way. In AD 943, in Turkey, a Muslim Emir surrenders a fourteen-foot-long linen cloth that bears the full body image of a crucified man to the Byzantine commander whose army has besieged his city.

Years have rolled by and the incident has been forgotten. But in today’s Arizona, a graduate law student, Matt Carter, discovers that Samuel Rosen, his professor, has been brutally murdered. However, as though he had anticipated his own demise, Rosen posted a letter to Matt, asking him to safeguard a parchment that had been in his family for many generations. But Matt doesn’t know that the parchment has the potential to unlock the mystery that has been kept hidden for two thousand years. As he races across the world to uncover the truth, he barely stays a step ahead of powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to get the parchment. Can he survive the well-equipped and ruthless men coveting the very thing entrusted to his care?

Darryl Nyznyk is a master storyteller and I couldn’t help but be seduced by the exquisite style of the writing, the polished and crisp prose, and the exceptional narrative tone. From the very start of the story, I knew I would be in for a wonderful treat, and there was no disappointment, none at all. Readers who enjoy a good blend of mystery and thrillers, stories laced with red herrings, will be utterly engrossed by this fast-paced and intense tale. The plot is expertly imagined and masterfully executed. I loved everything about The First Gospel.