The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh

A Love Story

Romance - Contemporary
706 Pages
Reviewed on 06/05/2017
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Author Biography

Candice Petrocova completed her formal studies in English, art history, classical music, and naturopathy. She began her career as a preschool teacher, but her life took an unexpected and dramatic turn when she met a math scientist and engineer who, after reading one of her novels, urged her to pursue a career as a writer. The rest, as they say, is history. She is inspired by historic individuals such as prolific inventor Nikola Tesla; genius artists Michelangelo and Vincent van Gogh; civil rights activists Maya Angelou, Dorothy Height, and Martin Luther King; and the beauty and grace of her favorite actress, Sophia Loren.

By the time she was sixteen, Candice had written her first full novel, and since then she has written over a dozen novels spanning the genres of literary, romance, mystery, and crime. She describes herself as a storyteller, weaving individuals from all spectrums of life together into characters who are deeply complex and different, yet in the end, showing how similar we all are as human beings. Her goal is to convey deep meaning and life lessons in every story she writes.

Candice has also written two original screenplays. Her personal interests include anything to do with the sea, vintage and foreign films, photography, historical paintings, classical music, humanitarian organizations, salsa dancing, and compassion and care for animals. But her favorite pastime is lounging in a library surrounded by beautiful books.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh: A Love Story by Candice Petrocova combines art, drama, and romance in a spellbinding story that is a sheer delight to read. Sheehan Xavier Donovan is a renowned Irish pianist with a promising future ahead of him. But things take a sudden turn when he is involved in an accident after drinking. He loses a brother and kills the son of a powerful judge. What's worse is that he becomes partially crippled. So, no more piano, no more career! After serving a difficult year in an Irish prison, his father extends his punishment by sending him to a renovated family lighthouse in Maine for five years.

Colette Aurora Theroux is a French painter who lives by herself, an alcoholic who reproduces paintings of van Gogh. Sheehan Xavier Donovan is the neighbor who watches her paint, unable to build any friendship with her. But when he saves her from drowning, their destinies become irrevocably linked and a passionate romance is born. Read on to discover how these troubled people find solace in each other as they embark on a journey towards love and healing.

Candice Petrocova’s novel is one that brilliantly explores the artistic side of human nature and the beauty and strength of human connections. If you love the arts, you’ll love this book. It is well-written, and there is beauty in the prose. I enjoyed the emotional intensity of the story and the depth of the characters. One can read this book and forget the story, but the characters and the romantic setting will haunt one's memory for a very long time. The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh: A Love Story is a masterpiece, a great success in the area of drama and romance. And I won’t forget the part van Gogh plays in it.

Divine Zape

The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh: A Love Story by Candice Petrocova is a splendid blend of romance, suspense, and drama, a story with unique and captivating characters and an unusual plot. The accomplished Irish pianist, Sheehan Xavier Donovan, has the world at his feet until a DUI accident kills his only brother and the son of a powerful judge. He is left partly crippled. After serving a year in the worst conditions in an Irish penitentiary, he knows his music career is over. But as if this isn’t enough to cripple his soul, his father exiles him to the family lighthouse in Maine where he lives in seclusion. His neighbor, an alcoholic painter who keeps to herself and who shows no interest in developing friendships with anyone, Colette Aurora Theroux, almost drowns and is rescued by Sheehan. Read on to discover how these two broken souls become linked together by an unbreakable bond in a passionate love affair that will create the sense of meaning they haven’t found anywhere else.

The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh: A Love Story is a gripping romance with a wonderful twist. I enjoyed the portrait of Colette Aurora, a painter who devotes her time making replicas of van Gogh. The fact that Sheehan can only watch her from a distance until the moment she almost drowns adds an element of mystery to the story and makes it even more enchanting. The story is wonderfully told and it begins with a tragic incident which immediately arrests the interest of the reader. I loved the drama, the excellent prose, and the peculiar setting by the sea. I also loved the powerful and insightful quotes from van Gogh that come at the beginning of each chapter. Candice Petrocova has created a story that reads like a painting of van Gogh, intense and captivating.

Sefina Hawke

The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh (A Love Story) by Candice Petrocova is a dramatic romance novel. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy love stories and do not mind love scenes without explicit language. Sheehan Xavier Donovan was on the top of the world; he was a famous Irish pianist until a night out leads to him being responsible for the death of his brother and the son of a judge. He is crippled and sentenced to an Irish penitentiary, and upon his release he is exiled by his father to a lighthouse in Maine. After living as a hermit for five years, his life changes when he saves the life of his neighbor, Colette Aurora Theroux. Will Colette heal Sheehan's wounds and teach him to love or will the two forever be locked in a downward spiral?

The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh (A Love Story) by Candice Petrocova is a moving tale of the love that formed between two broken souls. I found it sweet how Colette Aurora Theroux and Sheehan Xavier Donovan were both damaged people that were able to find love together. This struck me as a much more realistic love story than the normal love at first sight kind of love. While this was not the type of book that gave me feelings of happiness, it was the perfect kind of book for a rainy day. The writing was beautifully done and there were a few scenes where I had tears in my eyes from the amount of emotion the author was able to put in her words. Overall, I enjoyed the emotions this book evoked in me and I would definitely reread it.

Lauren Welch

This novel will soon be a house hold name. I ordered this book from Amazon because I liked the cover and was desiring a good love story. Once I started reading- I couldn't put it down. Seamless narrative, earthy, glittering characters, a story line that is entertaining yet beautifully told. The story revolves around an injured Irish Pianist and a troubled Biracial French painter. As this book pulls you in, it also inspires you. I absolulty loved this book and I will be rereading it!

Josephine Walden

If you like the novel Life Of Pi, or Earnest Hemingway style narrative 's than you will love The Ghost Of Vincent Van Gogh. Not only is it a dynamic story but the writer is extremely talented with words and emotions. She paints a detailed, shining picture for her readers. I personally love books where I become wrapped up into another world and with this particular book you will be swept away. As you read you will be taken to a place where a scarred and injured Pianist pines for the affections of a bitter but beautiful biracial French artist. There's also the issue of the severe ignorance of racism that comes up in this novel and seeing life behind the eyes of a biracial individual. There's also other little details I loved such as the ghost of Vincent Van Gogh that was lightly threaded through out the book and the owls that would listen as Sheehan plays the piano by the sea. Extremely well written book from an up and coming author. Would like to see this novel as a movie! It's that good.

Elizabeth Clarkson

The Ghost Of Vincent Van Gogh. What a book! I just finished this novel and I'm sad it's over. The novel transports you to a sea side shoreline where two beach houses are occupied by an injured Pianist and a reclusive alcoholic artist that copies the works of Vincent Van Gogh. Entertaining, emotionally gripping, and enchanting. I liked how the writer weaved the Ghost into the novel but only at special moments, a shadow, a reflection in the mirror . The rare occurances made the spectators presence more special and unique. It's difficult to put into words just how excellent this novel truly is, infact anyone who reads it will agree with this. Layered with beautiful descriptions of the sea, art work, and the bonding of two people who were broken. There's so much depth and intense emotion in every single page. I give this novel 5 stars and I'm exited to read the next book by Candice Petrocova.

Tanya Sutton

I think there are well written books with phenomenal editing and structure, while others a fantastic story, then again some with a valuable lesson. I found this novel to be all three. This particular book keeps the reader consistently entertained with engrossing characters and a well crafted story line. A black alcoholic painter who lives by the sea, painting replicas of Vincent Van Goghs works and her neighbor a handsome crippled Pianist who once played for thousands of people now only plays the piano for his two owls. I'm an avid reader that is not easily impressed- but this book blew me away. I found myself at work looking forward to going home and reading. That doesn't happen very often where I look forward to getting back to reading. But I did with this one. I was eager to continue to connect with the characters and be by the ocean with them as their relationship spirlled in different directions. This novel also brings up the issue of racism and could be classified as a civil rights allegory. But the deep clarification of the atrocity and ignorance of racism is very well narrated here. There is not just a story here. But more than a story. Highly intelligent hidden meanings, morals, symbolism and beautiful parables. When finished with the book I felt refreshed and as if I had gone on a spiritual journey. This novel is spectacular! Fireworks! Five stars! It should be on the NewYork Times Best selling list! And I am sure very soon it will be!

Joeanna Maxwell

I read the Ebook version of this novel. Absolutely loved the prose. Breaks new ground on several fronts. As a story it paints an unrivaled picture of a biracial woman's perspective of life and racism for someone who is of a mixed race. As a love story its gripping and emotionally intense. But as a novel it stands completely on its own. Very original and entertaining. The writing is quite simply, superb.

Hilary Anderson

I read this off of inkett. It's a really long story, but I will say I was drawn in and entertained while I read it. I actually live in California near the ocean and read this book in the evenings right on the beach. Which for me was a magical experience since the novel is written about two people who live near by the sea. I did find there was some repetitive information but didn't hurt the story . The prose was beautiful, the premise unique and I would read it again because it's just that type of novel. I'm giving it 4 stars only because the repetition. Overall it's kind of a magical tale involving two lost people who find the meaning of life on a shoreline in Maine. I went on the authors website and was excited to order another book by her but all the books say coming soon :( looking forward to more books from her. Consequence Of Joy looks interguing.