The Good Fight

A Fight for Truth and Justice

Fiction - Suspense
184 Pages
Reviewed on 05/31/2012
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Author Biography

Matthew Horn is an aficionado of fiction. He’s spent his life reading authors such as Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, and C.S. Lewis, and has gained an appreciation for a good story. His first book, Heroism, written in 2009, is the compilation of ideas that have been building since childhood. Since then, he has developed many different stories and plans to continue his writing as more than just a hobby.

Matthew graduated from Rochester High School in 1998 and from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management in 2002. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Modern Materials, Inc. in Rochester Indiana. He is married and likes to spend his free time writing and learning about the publishing industry. “As a new author, you probably spend more time learning the industry than you do writing.”

“You always want to write from the heart,” he says from his home office in late October, 2010, “but it takes a special book to be from the heart and still reach out and make people want to read it.”

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alice DiNizo for Readers' Favorite

Nine year old Jeff is homeless and is busy getting food to eat from the dumpster behind his favorite Chicago restaurant when he finds himself watching a man in a strange rubber suit destroy three men in the alley below him. Those three men were ready to turn on Jeff and kill him. Sixteen years pass, and Jeff has never forgotten this man who saved his life although he works long hours to support himself and earn a college degree at night. Then the man in the rubber suit approaches Jeff once again. His name is Jim McMillan and this time, he wants Jeff to take his place as the rubber suited vigilante who takes on gangs and people who are up to no good. Jeff is honored as he has had few people in his life who have cared for him and watched over him but Jim wants to train Jeff by testing him in different situations. Jeff has no time for himself and for Brooke, the girl in his life. Can he honor Jim by succeeding him in his vigilante role?

"The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice" is an interesting and exciting tale that tells of one man's heroic stand against criminals and human predators. Jeff as near-orphan who has been neglected by his family is the perfect main character for this fascinating tale. Jim McMillan, the rubber-suited vigilante, is totally believable as he goes about inflicting justice upon bad people. That he watches Jeff and wants him to be totally hooked on his way of life is understandable. The plot needs some work as it will not always be apparent to the reader in the book's many situations as to whether Jim is behind it all or not. But "The Good Fight" is a story readers will want to put on their list of 'must reads.'