The Hunt

Children - Preteen
386 Pages
Reviewed on 02/17/2024
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Author Biography

Sofia and Stefania Foskaris are identical twin sisters who grew up in Nevada. They were 13 years old when they finished writing their first book, The Hunt. They really enjoy writing and reading stories on felines, fantasy, and epic adventures with valuable lessons for everyday life. They respect animals and are inspired by big cats in both their majestic beauty and intelligence. With support and advice from their mother, they had decided to publish their book almost a year after writing it. They dedicated it to their father who passed away a few days before he would get to read the finished book. He had encouraged to share their work with others. So they later decided to publish their book with hope that readers would take away lessons that will impact their lives in a positive way.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

The Hunt is a work of fiction in the animals, adventure, and action subgenres. It is intended for middle-grade readers and contains some mild violence. Penned by author duo Sofia Foskaris and Stefania Foskaris, the story takes readers on an enthralling journey into the lives of three leopards, each grappling with personal tragedies and the looming threat of danger. Ranu, traumatized by his mother's death, discovers a mysterious force shaping his destiny. Meanwhile, Tran faces the challenge of raising his cub alone, haunted by a sense of loss and the weight of the past. Terra, in search of hope and escape, finds herself entangled in unexpected dangers.

Author team Sofia and Stefania Foskaris have combined their impressive writing skills to create a captivating experience for younger readers, allowing them to enter a fantastical world where the emotions and struggles of leopard characters mirror human complexities. The narrative is heartfelt, warm, and engaging, bringing together themes of loss, courage, and the pursuit of a better future in accessible terms that middle-grade readers can easily relate to. The authors' vivid storytelling and character development are consistent and committed throughout, allowing readers to get to know the unique personalities of the characters as if they were friends. The suspenseful plot is also well-paced to deliver great twists and surprises at just the right moments, and this is coupled with the emotional depth of the characters that play out in interesting ways during the quieter moments. This is a good balance for the main action of the plot, allowing the subtle lessons about facing your fears and finding your inner strength to form the bigger picture and gradually leave readers feeling empowered and inspired. Overall, I’d recommend The Hunt as a delightful choice for readers who adore animal tales packed with adventure, emotion, and the thrill of the wild.

Cecelia Hopkins

The Hunt by Sofia and Stefania Foskaris follows the adventures of a leopard cub, Ranu, his father, Tran, and a female leopard, Terra, who is from another Leap. Ranu is grieving the loss of his mother, Leia, who fell to her death and drowned. Tran struggles to be a good father and is grateful for the friendship offered by Terra. According to Leap rules, Tran and Ranu could be banished if Tran does not take another mate. They are shocked when Leia returns from the dead. Leia seems different, but Tran and Ranu must accept her. In Stonecliff’s absence, Terra is exiled, and Leia assumes her position as leader of the Leap. Terra returns to her war-like Leap to reassimilate, but trouble is brewing in both Leaps.

The Hunt by Sofia and Stefania Foskaris is an animal fantasy story involving struggles for pack leadership and instinctive aggression. I enjoyed the personifications of Tran and Terra and found their points of view easy to champion. The mystery surrounding the true heir deepened throughout the plot and I longed for the false heir to be unmasked. I loved the way the leopards seemed fierce and yet vulnerable. They were impressive animals who could hunt but were exposed to danger from other leopards, traps, and environmental hazards. Ranu was only a cub and had to develop his skills, and Terra was an outcast female who had to struggle to survive. I hoped for a happy outcome but had to acknowledge the hardship of life in the wild. I am an adult reader and enjoyed The Hunt by Sofia and Stefania Foskaris immensely. I would also recommend it to the young adult audience.