The Mirror Initiative

Fiction - Science Fiction
339 Pages
Reviewed on 07/02/2017
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Author Biography

Nathan M. Rux is a former Sound Designer/ Engineer for theatrical productions and now author. Born in California, he currently lives in Florida with his wife, Michelle, and his mother-in-law, Ruth. He enjoys games of all sort, mixing sound, walking, baseball, and watching movies or TV with his wife.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

The Mirror Initiative by Nathan Rux is a science fiction tale that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy paranormal fiction. It all began on April 17, 2000 when the planet discovered that there were people who possessed special powers and abilities beyond that of the ordinary human being. These people became known as the Paranormals and many of them now reside in New Los Angeles, a safe haven built upon the ground where the once destroyed Los Angeles used to sit. New Los Angeles has a crimson energy shield that keeps the inhabitants safe and the tensions down, but when a colony begins to live outside of the shield, the pressure begins to build. What will the fate of the colony be, and will normal humans and Paranormals ever have true peace without danger?

The Mirror Initiative by Nathan Rux has a beautifully done cover that appears as if it is on the other side of a broken mirror, which intrigued me. The story line reminded me a bit of a mix of Ender’s Game and Maze Runner with how the Paranormals have abilities that set them apart from other people. I particularly liked the fact that there are Paranormals who become heroes or superheroes and use their powers to help others. The author began the book by throwing me straight into a conflict between a team of Paranormals apprehending another Paranormal, only for one of their number to end up kidnapped by someone they assumed was a friendly. I enjoyed the fact that the author propelled me right into the action as it really aroused my interest and got me invested in discovering the fate of the kidnapped character!