The October That Changed Everything

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
304 Pages
Reviewed on 04/09/2024
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite

Cheryl Donovan was a beautiful young woman who worked as a secretary for Carlisle Realty by day and attended accounting classes after work. Every day at the office was a nightmare because she faced constant sexual harassment from her boss. Things degenerated for Cheryl when she overheard a dangerous private discussion between her boss and his brother. Then Cheryl started receiving threats. Cheryl would either do their bidding or watch her back for life. She also found herself in an emotional dilemma. Cheryl must choose between marrying Paul, the military pilot, Allan, the teacher, or none for self-preservation. Can Cheryl take on her bosses and live to tell the tale? Will any of the two suitors win her heart? Find out in The October That Changed Everything by Connie Lacy.

Would you give up your job and independence for a man you love? The October That Changed Everything by Connie Lacy is a feel-good novel built on romance, action, and suspense. This book will appeal to lovers of romance and adventure. The story takes place in the early 1960s when society viewed women as inferior and same-sex relationships were taboo. Cheryl navigated workplace sexism and dealt with men who thought a woman’s only worth was homemaking. Unfortunately, women still have to prove themselves today, especially in the fields known as the “boys’ club.” My heart also went out to Tina and how she lived a lie because she feared parental and societal scorn. Parents should be more approachable, patient, and receptive to their children to avoid future problems. I loved everything about this novel, from the unique storytelling to the development. Connie is a brilliant writer, and I hope to read more from her.