The Power of Your Perceptions

The Choices You Can Make and How to Make Them

Non-Fiction - Self Help
232 Pages
Reviewed on 12/27/2017
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Author Biography

In the Fall of 2004 Paul took some time off between engineering jobs to 'decompress'. That year had been one of the most stressful he could remember. He started out by using a well tried (unfortunately from lots of previous experience) technique of working out in the gym until he was exhausted to try and reduce the stress he was feeling. He noticed that while it worked it did not have such an enduring quality and started to look for something that could be used from movement to moment during the day.

He had tried meditating 10 years earlier with a couple of techniques but was not very successful, so now he started to look at the many techniques out there and what worked for him and what did not. After developing a regular meditation practice he then started to look at events in his daily life that would just 'push' one of his buttons and knock him out of the calm peaceful feeling he had created by meditating. He soon realized that while meditation was helping him, something else was needed in conjunction with the regular meditation practice, something that would help him to understand why a button got pushed and how to stop him being instinctively reactive to the event. Over the following years he taught various techniques, refined them again and again until he could see that he had created a simple and yet very powerful work system.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

The Power of Your Perceptions: The Choices You Can Make and How to Make Them by Paul Miller is a rich and deeply spiritual book that brilliantly handles the themes of self-awareness, positive change, personal growth, and living with meaning. But most importantly, it is a book that allows readers to unlock the power of perception through meditation and mental exercises that create a strong awareness of self-worth and improve self-confidence. The author articulates on powerful concepts, drawing inspiration from Eastern thought, New Age spirituality, and applied psychology to create a tool that will allow readers to take control of their destiny and reach deeper levels of success and growth.

This book, though focused on how to move from meditation to action, answers very crucial questions about life. How does our perception of who we are affect our actions and the important decisions we make in life? Why is it that some of us have lofty thoughts during meditation, yet we get stuck when it comes to translating those thoughts into action? Paul Miller’s writing is reader-friendly and it is loaded with insights and reflections that are centered on real-life experiences. It is interesting to see how he combines philosophy with personal examples to drive home his message. The Power of Your Perceptions: The Choices You Can Make and How to Make Them is a book for those who want to improve the quality of their lives, achieve their goals, and find meaning by becoming more conscious of the choices they make. It offers the keys everyone needs to lead the kind of life they have always wanted.

Romuald Dzemo

Slim as it may look, The Power of Your Perceptions: The Choices You Can Make and How to Make Them by Paul Miller is the one book on personal change, growth and development that everyone needs to read. It's a book that doesn’t just underscore the importance of perception, but one that helps readers understand why and how they see themselves and how their perception of self can determine the level of their growth and success in many areas of life. There are a lot of insightful thoughts for readers in this book. For instance, I was surprised at the author’s take on our resistance to change, on why most of us get stuck. And yes, it is about the way we have been shaped to see ourselves and the world around us. But is there a way that allows readers to develop a healthy perception that helps them to change positively? The answer is a resounding “Yes” and the author provides it with simplicity and elegance.

This book contains meditative techniques that simplify the process and prompt readers to take action after meditation. In this book, you’ll learn how to access your subconscious mind and how to tap into the latent energy buried within you. It’s a book for anyone who sincerely desires to change, to live purposefully, and to reconnect intimately with themselves. I loved the writing style, simple and compelling, and Paul Miller communicates with great ease and confidence, the kinds of qualities one only finds in a master. The Power of Your Perceptions: The Choices You Can Make and How to Make Them is the book you need for personal transformation and success. Read it, apply its lessons, and you will discover a radical change in your personal life.