The Soul's Destiny

Discoveries of an Ordinary Christian

Christian - Non-Fiction
332 Pages
Reviewed on 04/15/2024
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Author Biography

Thelma Jane draws inspiration for her writing from her knowledge of the Bible and God’s spiritual laws. She became aware of these laws at a very young age. This awareness deepened as she matured and came to believe she could help to unfold biblical mysteries. Though at first hesitant to share her views, some of which might be controversial, Thelma seeks to bring balance to opposing worldviews in religion while remaining faithful to the teachings of Christianity. Her main focus supports the biblical teaching that salvation is through the cross of Christ as stated in John 3:16 NIV “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” This raises the question of what happens to those who die without having heard the message of salvation taught in the Bible. Does God limit His love, for lost souls, to the lifespan of the body? The answer to this and other difficult questions are addressed in her book which consists of three parts: A Spiritual Awakening, Unfolding the Mystery of God, and Postmortem Salvation. Thelma bases her conviction on careful theological reasoning and supports them with a wealth of scriptures.
Thelma is a mother, grandmother, award-winning hairstylist, and a devoted student of the Bible. While raising her family, she became involved in children’s ministry and later dedicated her time to a worldwide ministry, answering phone calls for those who sought prayer and counseling.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers' Favorite

Thelma Jane unfolds The Soul's Destiny in three parts. She discusses her story, some of the deeper meanings in the Bible, and the possibility of reincarnation. Supporting her views with scripture, Thelma presents two possibilities for our soul's future and explains how deeply you can go into your spiritual studies. She outlines prayer and shows instances of requests that were granted right away while giving the reason why many prayers may go unanswered. The author reviews spiritual laws and their effect on our lives, gives a deeper look at God's plan, defines certain terms in the Bible to clarify them, and examines good and evil. She illustrates how God's timing affects our prayers and recounts instances where her abilities may have alerted her to deaths before she was notified and may have saved her life.

Thelma Jane considers herself an "ordinary" Christian, but her visions and observations are extraordinary. Using scriptural studies and spiritual reflection, she clears up common misconceptions, discussing how she has led others to Christ through her testimonies or by simply asking them to a religious service. Using true and fictional stories to anchor her points, she relates how she believes we may help determine the spiritual fate of our ancestors. The author has a conversational style that pulls you in, making you feel you're receiving the information from a dear friend. Thelma raises some thought-provoking questions, and she answers them by using her scriptural knowledge and visions. The Soul's Destiny may change the way you interpret death and the possibility of reincarnation.

K.C. Finn

The Soul's Destiny: Discoveries of an Ordinary Christian is a work of non-fiction in the devotional writing, spirituality, and slice-of-life subgenres. The work is best suited for the general adult reading audience. Penned by author Thelma Jane, this heartfelt volume delves into profound spiritual insights gleaned from the Bible and God's spiritual laws. Jane's journey of spiritual awakening and her exploration of God's nature, purpose for creation, and plan of salvation offer readers a thought-provoking examination of Christian beliefs. With a focus on reconciling opposing worldviews within religion while remaining faithful to Christian teachings, Jane tackles complex questions such as postmortem salvation and the fate of those who have not heard the message of salvation. Through careful theological reasoning and extensive scriptural support, she presents a compelling argument for the possibility of reincarnation within God's plan of salvation.

Author Thelma Jane has lovingly crafted a deeply personal account of her journey and her encounters with God's spiritual laws which results in a deeply enriching experience that provides valuable insights into the complexities of Christian theology and spirituality. Jane's meticulous exploration of theological concepts, supported by a wealth of scriptures, offers a comprehensive perspective on challenging topics such as the nature of God, the fall of Adam, and the possibility of postmortem salvation. The organization of ideas is well done with accessibility to the work no matter how familiar or unfamiliar you are with the Bible. I also appreciated Jane's balanced approach to reconciling differing perspectives within Christianity while remaining steadfast in her faith. Overall, The Soul's Destiny is a compelling and enlightening read that invites readers to engage deeply with fundamental questions of faith and spirituality. I would certainly recommend it to spiritual readers everywhere seeking strength and reassurance.

Liz Konkel

The Soul’s Destiny by Thelma Jane is a stunning journey of faith and discovery of self through God’s word. Thelma Jane uses her personal experience as a basis for exploring God’s spiritual laws and scripture to understand what is expected of us. With honesty and devotion, she shares her perspective with the hope of shining a light on opposing viewpoints while remaining vigilant in her faith in God. A primary component of the book is salvation which she examines by addressing the obstacles she has faced and how God’s grace manifested even in these tougher moments. The book is broken into three parts which consist of her spiritual awakening, the mystery of God where she delves into God’s nature and our purpose, and dissecting the concept of postmortem salvation through the belief of reincarnation.

The honesty with which Thelma Jane shares her opinions, obstacles, and faith makes it easy for readers to see themselves in her story. There is room for self-reflection and meditation as her personal experiences encourage others to pursue God’s love as a foundation for spiritual development. Scriptures are mixed throughout to support her perspective, which blends well with the personal stories she shares with genuine emotion. Her writing is inspirational as her honesty does not hold back from what she believes and even challenges other perspectives on religion. The conversational style makes for an interactive tone and serves as a resource for personal study or conversation by speaking to readers directly. Topics include self-healing and the principles of faith. Salvation is explored deeper in the last part of the book as the focus shifts to include reincarnation, which includes scripture and explanation. The Soul’s Destiny explores spiritual growth and discovery through the perspective of someone who has experienced loss, struggle, and obstacles in her journey to understand faith, salvation, reincarnation, and purpose.

Philip Van Heusen

Does God’s justice and mercy demand extra time for some souls to come to spiritual maturity and a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ? According to Thelma Jane in The Soul’s Destiny: Discoveries of an Ordinary Christian, the answer is yes. The first part of this book presents orthodox Christian doctrines and explains that salvation must occur in the body of flesh. After stating that she believes the Bible is God’s inspired and infallible Word, Thelma explains the mysteries God has revealed to her. She wants to share her vision that there is a circle of life that includes more than one time on earth if needing to come to spiritual maturity. Thelma states that even though the Bible does not implicitly state there is reincarnation, the omission does not preclude the possibility. Read this book to challenge your thinking and explore possibilities.

What do you know about a Christian form of reincarnation? If you are like me, you probably figured they are mutually exclusive; however, Thelma Jane tries to reach a balance between the two philosophies in The Soul’s Destiny. Thelma writes the first part very clearly. However, by incorporating reincarnation into Christianity, her logic requires more thought from the reader. Instead of basing her belief in a non-Eastern form of reincarnation in the Word of God, Thelma bases it on her vision and on what she feels the Lord has taught her. Then, seeking validation from the Bible, proof texts are presented that can be interpreted to fit her belief. This book may be hard for traditional Christians to accept. However, this book is interesting and opens the door to an alternative interpretation of the Bible. Read and ponder on it and decide for yourself what you believe.

Luwi Nyakansaila

The Soul's Destiny by Thelma Jane is a Christian study guide that intends to reveal God’s love through His spiritual laws. The author shares her spiritual journey and experiences through which God revealed biblical principles such as reciprocation, faith, prayer, giving, and receiving. She also narrates miraculous moments, visions, and dreams. The book further explains the battle that took place in heaven, Adam's disobedience, free will, why evil exists, and the plan of salvation. The last section covers the possibility of reincarnation, which allows souls time and opportunity to be saved before Judgment Day, using the story of Lazarus and the rich man as a reference. Finally, the author shares a vision of The Circle of Life, explaining each stage and the power of God’s love and mercy in our lives.

The Soul's Destiny is a well-detailed book that covers various aspects of the spiritual Christian journey. Thelma Jane does a great job of explaining the scriptures and gives helpful insights into her understanding. I appreciate that she is honest about not knowing everything and does not seek to force her teachings on anyone. Instead, she encourages readers to seek their spiritual path and come to their own understanding. This humble and open approach makes the book more relatable, allowing readers to connect with the message on a personal level. The book provides a platform for discussions on topics like horoscopes and reincarnation that may be considered unconventional within traditional Christian teachings, which adds a layer of depth and thought for readers. The book is well-organized and written in a casual conversational tone, making it easy to follow and understand. The Soul's Destiny is an enriching read that offers valuable insights for those seeking a deeper connection with their faith and God.